Tuesday, August 02, 2005


for some reason, i've had a ridiculously hard time concentrating on anything today. i think my brain just decided to short out. i've spent all afternoon trying to bind the sketchbook i made last year at Haystack, but i keep getting distracted by my computer, the book i'm reading, the chocolate bar i bought at CVS, the dead cockroaches stuck to the trap in the corner (delightful). it is now past 8 pm, and i actually just finished the sewn part only to realize that i left my PVA in Philadelphia (that's Poly Vinyl Adhesive for those of you not in the industry).

the cool thing i discovered today is that WHYY now streams through iTunes. before it was available only through W*ndows Media Player, and you can imagine how hesitant i was to infect my poor little iBook with Bill Gates' evilness. so now i sit here, in Houston, Texas, listening to WHYY. it's very weird. i feel like i'm really not that far away from Philadelphia. like i could just jump in the car and head over to Del Val and say hi. a feeling like that is understandable when you fly, but even after driving 25 hours to get here, it still doesn't feel real.

i'm still waiting on clay. a short summary on my clay saga: before i left Philadelphia, i sat down and actually figured out what the shipping on a couple hundred pounds of my clay would be going from Philly to Houston. the answer? almost as much as the clay itself. the clay i use does not have a distributor anywhere near Texas, so i am forced to find another porcelain that will do the trick. finally i settled on a porcelain made by Laguna called "Frost", which is supposed to be very white and translucent. i went to the local ceramic store, only to find that they were temporarily out of it. so i am stalled in the clay realm, at the moment. hence the long overdue binding of the sketchbooks mentioned above.

today's moment of Texas weirdness. the thunderstorms here are unlike anything i have ever experienced before. they come on suddenly, dump an ungodly amount of rain, and are gone just as quickly. i was walking across the parking lot of the Craft Center yesterday when a bolt of lightening arced across the sky, uncomfortably close. and then, a second or two later, i heard the thunder that accompanied it, only it wasn't a boom or clap, but a slow crackling, like a tree breaking. it was quite chilling.

today's abuse of the possessive. in the CVS parking lot: a small sign saying "expectant mom's". argh.


a sidenote: i still can't believe i decided to switch to a blog format. after journaling (and designing) completely by hand for years, i just realized i had no appetite for futzing in Photoshop endlessly and coding everything by hand in Taco (great little html editor for Mac). so now i log in to blogger and update in a window, like every gormless 17 year old posting bad poetry and pictures of their cat. i'm going to see how it all pans out, but so far, it hasn't been making my writing any more interesting.


alexis said...

now we can comment!! glad you're back, i wish we could have hung out before you went to houston... damn time and its incessant flying... but i'm thinking of you...

7:05 PM  
Rhymes With Scrabble said...

Haha, I felt the same way kind of when I switched to LJ, but I REALLY felt it when I started my domain blog on wickedqueen.net. I used to be such a Notepad snob. :p

8:34 AM  

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