Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Lewis Black was right.

it's amazing how quickly television has left me. when i left Philadelphia, i was hopelessly addicted to a number of VH1 reality shows, all of which are too lame to identify on this page. i still watched MTV and TRL with the fervor of a 14 year old. i thought i would miss it terribly. but now, it's just kind of disappeared, gently sloughed off my brain, taking a couple cells with it. there is no television at the house, just a huge and wildly diverse library of video and dvds. between me and mark, i think we have everything from Star Trek to Malcolm X covered. the only tv i've watched is a fuzzy Dave Letterman, which comes on at 10:35 around here (damn central time).

so i am starting at the Buck next week, or so they say. this particular branch of your friendly coffee conglomerate is, i think, on steroids. it seems that the good people of Houston take their coffee FAR more seriously than in Philly. the store has a drive through, FOUR assistant managers, 27 baristas, and (get this) the morning shift starts at 4:15 am. at this point, assuming that the store closes at 11 pm (and i know it does, since i drove past it at exactly 10:27 pm last night during one of my noctural sojourns-about-town), what exactly is the point of closing at all? if you're going to be closed for a scant 5 or 6 hours, it just seems to make sense to just stay open and cut your losses. me, in my infinite wisdom, set my availbility to work for opening shifts only. it may suck, but i'll be damned if i'm ever going to close a store again.

and the final insult? this particular St*rbucks is directly across the street from another St*rbucks. i shit you not.


ps. happy 30th, you ass.


Anonymous said...

thanks, ass. much appreciated.

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