Monday, August 01, 2005

things are profoundly weird right now.

my life has changed so radically in the last week i'm not sure i actually believe i'm here in Houston to stay. i'm still on vacation, and any day now my dad will be coming from the airport to get me, to take me back home to Philadelphia, where my life is. i half expect Al to be calling me up at 9 in the morning, asking, "why aren't you at work?"

i haven't worked for over a week now. this is an unnatural state for someone who has worked at least 50 hours a week for the last year and a half. i had my St*rbucks interview last Wednesday, and not only did the dimwit assistant manager forget that he even had an interview, he informed me that i couldn't start until week after next, because "the schedule was already made". fortunately, between my last paycheck, my security deposit from my apartment, and my stipend, i will probably be okay for at least a week or two.

so here i am, tooling around this strange city, trying to find good places to eat, good places to hang out, good places to see music. i've been to IKEA four times in the last week. FOUR TIMES. i think the lady at the cafeteria is starting to recognize me. today i sat and watched Oprah on the big screen and ate my crawfish pasta. i bought some new sheets and more shelves for my studio.

i can't find a good grocery store to save my life (kroger=scary. fiesta=scary. whole foods=too expensive. trader joe's=nonexistant.). i'm convinced there's no decent chinese food in this town. i think they're making up for it with the abundance of Thai restaurants.

on one good hand, my housemate Mark is really cool. and talented and smart, way smarter than me. yet very humble about it. i'm trying not to feel bad about myself, but he's only two years older than me and is almost done with his master's degree. he speaks French and Spanish, and is a musician (with a killer Rhodes in his bedroom). plus he cooks! he makes me feel like a slacker. all i did last week was stare at this computer screen, rearrange my studio and eat a pound of Twizzlers (granted, over 4 days, but still).


Rhymes With Scrabble said...

Hey! It's me, Cabell, formerly of the Scorpio Papers, currently of LiveJournal and a new domain journal at What are you doing in Houston? I'm doing graduate work in sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; I finished my masters in June and I have my first prelim tomorrow. Eep.

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