Friday, August 12, 2005

today i look like a drunk redneck.

okay. ixnay on the arbucks-stay.

after an eight hour day on Wednesday, i'm sorry, but fuck that.

i feel like a cog in gigantic coffee-flavored machine. i always knew i was a cog, but at least working at Jenkintown St*rbucks i felt like maybe i wasn't. but i am a cog, a happy, chirpy green apron monkey cog. the people at my store are, for the most part, pretty chill, but there are a couple of people who are just WAY too into this job, and they're trying to drag me down with them. i will serve coffee, i will be nice to people, i will show up on time and be properly attired, but i refuse, i REFUSE to take coffee as a life and death matter.

in the words of my dear friend Chanell, "Girl, it is not that serious."

anyway, i started playing around with the Laguna Frost today, finally. it is like butter. the best porcelain i have ever laid my hands on. i also sat down late last night and drew three dozen little tiny bras, panties, and corsets in my sketchbook. it was oddly satisfying.

i've decided i'm keeping a very intensive sketchbook while i'm here in Houston, a sketchbook similar in nature to the ones i kept in Scotland two years ago and at Haystack last summer. i've found that the format that works best for me is a very straight, chronological journal-like format. if i skip pages and don't be consistent with my content, i tend to lost interest in the sketchbook and stop drawing in it. it seems like consistency is the best way for me to develop my ideas.

i never did get around to finishing my sketchbook from Haystack while i was there, it was merely a stack of half-finished folios sitting sadly in a box. so i sat down and spent most of the last week trying to bind it and case it in. i hadn't done it in so long that i had pretty much forgotten how to bind, and i sort of made it up as went. i think it turned out well. looking at the content of the sketchbook was very illuminating. the beginning of many ideas, discarding some along the way and letting others develop. looking between the sketches and the finished product is always useful, it's like a blueprint for a building.


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