Tuesday, September 20, 2005

lovely rita.

every time my grandmother calls, we always end up talking about the weather at one point or another. meaningless bullshitting about the weather is the Jesikiewicz way, i guess, and yesterday was no different.

"so are you stocking up? there's a storm coming." was the first words out of her mouth.


i don't think i'm in that bad of a news vacuum, but this morning, my usual news haunts, the New York Times and Slate, had nothing that i noticed. it was only when i went to the Houston Chronicle's website did i realize that Houston and Galveston may be just as fucked as our neighbors to the east recently were.

i have to say this right here and right now: i never, NEVER thought i would actually live in a place where i would have to worry about, and possibly evacuate from, a hurricane. never did i imagine that i would be writing down all my possessions and their values, should anything happen. i'm looking into getting some renter's insurance tomorrrow. i guess i'm going to try to stockpile some gallons of water and non-perishables, if Mark hasn't already. i will be going to Austin to stay with the sister of a friend, should i need to. i keep thinking about the weird little things. like i guess i'm not going to see The Decemberists on friday night as planned. do i show up for work at 4:45 on Saturday morning, as scheduled? where do i move my car so it won't get flooded? where, if anywhere, is Mark going to put Germaine and Pookie, his mother, if the waters start to rise?

i was sitting in my studio today when A, the executive directior, came to my doorway and seemed to be staring intently at my floor for a few minutes.

"Everything okay?" i asked.

"yeah....you don't have a whole bunch of stuff on your floor. you might want to get everything off the floor maybe two or three feet. we didn't get flooding last time, but just to be sure....and John's going to be around later with a video camera to tape everything for insurance."

man. what the hell.


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