Monday, October 10, 2005

in three paragraphs or less.

oh, and i also wrote a snarky bio:

After many formative years of experimenting in terra cotta and stoneware, Bethany now dwells solely in the pristine world of porcelain, a high maintenance diva of a clay that, despite its finickiness, brings its rewards in a smooth, polished, transcluscent surface that can seem, at times, to be almost skin-like.

Several themes persist throughout Bethany’s work, the foremost of which is the influence of the human figure. After years of figure drawing and poring over anatomy books, she still finds it to be the most inspiring starting point for all of her work. Her current body of work uses the potters wheel to create cylinders that are then cut up into slabs and altered into different shapes.

Text and narrative also play an important role in Bethany’s work. The idea of a book, then, would be the next logical step. Furiously writing and illustrating little chapbooks since age 4, she took her first formal book arts class four years ago under the incomparable Sharyn O’Mara. Her books echo themes found in her ceramic work: anatomy, the figure, and use of a clean, white surface.

Bethany graduated with a BFA in Ceramics from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, a city she misses almost more than words can say.


writing is a very funny, singular thing for me. it seems to come from a very different place than the rest of my art, in a way i can't quite explain. i have to absolutely want to do it, or it will never happen (which is why i could never make a living doing it or produce much beyond the witty musings found here). if i try to force it, it ends up sounding boring and generally arduous: very point A to point B to point C, please get me there in the quickest fashion possible so it can be over with. but oh, when i hit it right, when i can turn a phrase or an idea just right, just beautifully, it feels fucking wonderful.

and i am a textbook example of the idea that if you do something enough, you will eventually be competent at it, perhaps even good or occasionally great. Jeanine has complimented what is written here a few times, and said she thinks i'm good writer, to which i would reply that i'm not really good writer, i just happen to be someone who's written a hell of a lot. mostly about myself, which probably doesn't count, anyway.


alexis said...

it totally counts.

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