Sunday, October 09, 2005


as much as i hate it, i may have to break down and start blogging.

you have to understand, i've been keeping an online journal (which is what blogs were called before they were called blogs) since 1999. six years and about two months. which is longer than about 99% of the whiners and freaks out there in cyberspace saying things like

OMG! did you see the OC last nite?!?! [insert name] is sooooo hot! "hearts* *stars* *emoticons*

[insert dumb and possibly slightly illegal photos here]

it kind of sickens me, because for the longest time, when i sat down and wrote in this little space, i actually had an essay in my head, not just a "look at this link" or "here's a picture of my cute cat" kind of entry. i've avoided that from the beginning just because it's cheap and stupid and not that interesting, and now, besides, everyone else is doing it, so why the hell should i?

i digress.

my point is that, in an effort to please those who miss me terribly and wish to hear about my life here, entries may get slightly shorter and more anecdotal.

anecdote #1 is an observation. the weather finally cooled on Friday past. by cooler i mean it's only 75 and the humidity is mostly gone. this is the Texas fall, i guess, so i'm going to have to take it. i'm always amazed at how my head clears once the temperature drops. this makes me think that i'm not going to be long for this place.

anecdote #2 involves my very pleasant weekend in Austin. considering the hell it took to get there, i was more than happy to relax and shop at various antique places around the city. i got a necklace, a bracelet, a purse, Al's christmas present, a postcard for Malcolm, and a skinny black tie, which is something i've been looking for.

anecdote #3 is a rowdy little cheesesteak place/sports bar that i have found to watch the games from now on. nice to cheer on the Eagles with insane people surrounding me. screaming, crying, cheering, pounding of tables and smashing of beer bottles. it makes me miss my dad.


Jeanine Ciach said...

And last but not least. Anecdote #4. Happy birthday John Winston Lennon. 10/09/1940

9:54 PM  

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