Sunday, October 30, 2005

take me up to the top of the city.

through the haze of two martinis i walked with Amanda towards the Contemporary Art Museum this evening past. we were going to drive, originally, but i realized how completely ridiculous this was, considering how cool it was outside and the walk being only 10 minutes from the Craft Center. amazing, really, that i live and work within ten minutes of two world class museums.

there were two shows currently on view, one was Andrea Zittel's installation work, a show i couldn't have wrapped my head around in one viewing even if i was sober. it was just strange and crazy and kind of warped my sense of space. alternately antiseptic and warm and womb-like. i came in near the end of her lecture, and i was sore that i missed it.

the other show was Su-en Wong, a series of six paintings. i loved these, both in the precision of execution and the content. the subject of adolescent girls has always been one of morbid fascination for me; it interests me in a way that's both comforting and repulsive, as in: i was there, and i got out, and oh my god, how was i once like that.

all the girls in the paintings were weirdly sexualized, in both subtle and overt ways, but not in a way that made you think it was supposed to be for men to be titillated by. almost as if that sexual energy was directed towards each other, and not towards the viewer. very intriguing.

so, i happened to look at Wong's biography, noted the date of birth, and realized she was only seven years older than me. for all the marriage-house-babies shit i can kindly push away the looming timelines; for my art, i can't. the nagging whisper that was wondering why i hadn't conquered the world yet became a roar just then, as in: where is your solo show at the Contemporary Arts Museum. you spent the day playing on your wheel, making fucking pottery.

i have a kind of crazy, ruthless ambition. less the ruthless, but i'm working on that. i've actually reached the point of crazy that i'm going to apply to Yale for graduate school, just to say i tried for an ivy league. after that, world domination.


i never, ever thought i would type these words, but...

Kate Bush has a new album coming out next week.

i first heard her in about 1998 or so. my Finnish penpal at the time, Tanya, made me a mixed tape of her songs, everything from The Kick Inside up to The Red Shoes (we sent each other a lot of mixed tapes...i wish i had kept more of them). it had most of the required listening on it, from Wuthering Heights to Breathing to Cloudbusting. a big Tori fan at the time, i was nervous and eager to hear she who was the grandmother of them all.

Kate Bush is just freaking insane. i listen to The Kick Inside and The Dreaming and i am amazed that a vision that mature and original came out of a 17 to 22 year old. some people just come out fully formed, i guess. and the music, it's from another place. that's the only way i can describe it. there is no way to source it. i can't sit down and say to someone who's never heard her music before, "Kate Bush's music is about ________." whereas someone like Tori, who i would consider nearly Kate's equal, you can say her music is about religion and the patriarchy and rape and being a woman. but Kate's music just seems to transcend all that, and i can't even describe how.

so you want to get into Kate Bush, do you? i would recommend The Hounds of Love from 1985. it's just this huge, sweeping soundscape. i really think it's head and shoulders above any of her other work.


Anonymous alexis said...

i love kate bush....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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