Thursday, November 10, 2005

i hate rich people.

can someone please clue me into the valet parking obsession in this town? i do not get it. it's everywhere. at every little sidewalk cafe, orange cones abound at all hours of the day (even lunch!), along with some douchebag behind a little podium, waiting to take my damn money to park my car. if you really think about it for a few minutes, you too will realize how patently ridiculous valet parking is. too lazy to walk across the parking lot, is what it really comes down to.

valet parking frequently makes regular parking impossible, like tonight when i was attempting to go to Borders, which happened to share the parking lot with some damn steakhouse called Fleming's. after i steered my dear Lucia past the horde of Lexus and Mercedes, i finally had to give up and park across the street at Whole Foods and cross Alabama at my own mortal peril. i noticed some spaces in the Whole Foods parking lot labeled compact cars only, and though they were closest to Borders, my car is not anywhere near compact, even though it is small for Texas. as i was walking towards the street, i watched a Land Rover park in one of those spots. i passed the guy as he was getting out his car, and i SO wanted to say something, something really awful and witty, but i couldn't think of anything. all i did was look directly at him with what i hoped was a disapproving stare. he looked right through me, of course.

i have a confession to make. i really hate rich people. coming to Texas has really cemented this in my mind; the rich people in Philadelphia (and Jenkintown in particular) were their own brand of obnoxious, but here, it's an unfamiliar obnoxiousness. at least at home i could say, yeah, those are my assholes, they were from my hood. i don't understand dropping $30K on a bar mitzvah, but at least it's familiar. here, we have the oil money, and with it comes with it a sense of entitlement and self-importance that just makes me want to vomit.

this is the thing: after you attain a certain amount of money, you are allowed to officially check out of the reality that i and most other people move through, the reality that it dictated by the limits of our earning power. this is because that certain amount of money allows you to have anything materially, and allows you to have it now. therefore if you are at St*rbucks and your latte gets messed up or takes too long, of course you must throw a tantrum because you are just not used to not having it now. after that, you send your maid to get the latte in the morning, because it's simply too stressful.

i was unfortunately friends with someone like this for a long, long time. it's strange to walk around with someone who doesn't move in the same reality as you, who, before we went across the street to get 20 cent wings and crab legs at a bar, dropped $150 on a cashmere throw at Pottery Barn. on a whim. who didn't understand when i couldn't afford to go out to eat, and who guilted me into going to restaurants i couldn't swing. who split every meal down to the last fucking penny. the same person who, when i mistakenly borrowed $30 from her for a couple days, didn't stop talking about it for a good six months.

i'm not saying that all rich people are like this. i just think most of them are, not because they are necessarily wanting to be bad people, but because, like most everyone, they are lazy. it's easy to get bitchy and impatient, it's far harder to put aside your own self-involvement and empathize with the person in front of you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree with you more.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

right on ! I just got done working for a bunch of impatient lazy parasites, whose only reason for living was to degrade their "help." they want they're way, they want it at all times, and they want it NOW!

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just read ur comments after a 14 hour shift at a resturante across from a country club my parents live at. A family that lives in the same area came in and I served for them just to be nice and friendly. My mom and this lady are pretty good friends and any country club trophey wifes can be. When it came time to pay this man pulls out his wallet and for a 30 dollar meal decideds to pay for it with his Black American Express Card. If you know anything about that the black card is an exclussive rewards club that is given to those with exceptional incomes. What I found amusing was that this jerk just wanted me to know who it was that had the bigger bank account. that while my family may live in that neighborhood they don't have this card. Rich people do have that entitlement and that lazy selfishness about them. That if annoying and upsetting. But what pisses me off more is the ones that are just arrogant and must feel the need to one up the next person.

11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

rich people are gay

5:33 PM  
Blogger Alex said...

I don't usually "blog", but whatever. Unfortunately, I have to agree with you all...for the most part. I say "unfortunately" because the fact that we are talking about this says a lot for the lack of character and integrity that so many people seem to have. I assure you this is not exclusive for any part of our country. I'm a first generation American. My father owns a restaurant and has never worked less than 80 hours in a week. Growing up working for my father I know what it is like to be serving assholes who think they're better than you. From my experience, I have found that these "rich" people are in fact often times people who live pay-check to pay-check, spending every penny they have to fit into a false reality. One where they can't stand to be seen driving anything but a Mercedes, but when you look at the model of the Mercedes, it's a E-class or a C-class, which means it is a cheap-ass Mercedes and they just want to be able to say they drive one. Of course, you have some people with more money than they know what to do with and they are assholes nontheless. If you're truly a confident person you know it, and you don't go around acting like your a big shot. These people have confidence problems.
I am a third year medical student. I realize I will one day be making for money than majority of the people in the US. I am grateful for this. My father's family came to the US and paid their way. They didn't expect handouts and they didn't get any. They still wave the American flag everyday and they call themselves Americans. They are Americans. But my father has become wealthy due to his hard work. I have not been given hand outs. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with having money and I'd hope that people wouldn't discriminate against someone just because they do drive a nice car. I also think it's unacceptalbe to discriminate or make fun of someone because they don't own a car or are poor. I'm grateful for what I have. I'll never forget what it took to get here. I am not becoming a surgeon for the money. I am doing it because I love medicine and I love helping people, people I don't even know. But I will never flaunt what I have, and anyone who does is without class. There's always someone out there with a bigger bank account, a nicer car, a more beautiful wife, blah blah blah.

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Women who marry rich men for their money. Most likely if you are a rich man, your wife was attracted to you because of your money, unless she was with you when you were broke.

I struggle from week to week having the average salary and kids and daycare, mortgage , car payments, need I say more...

I break my back trying to financially make matters meet. I go to work and these women seem to be making more and doing better. Oh....that's right, they married a rich, older man. They come driving in with their new expensive cars and a new outfit and shoes every day, talk about their vacations, getting their nails done, hair done, oh and maybe they will go out to dinner tonight? Oh no, not Outback Steakhouse, that is too commercial for them. They have to eat out at an extraordinary restaraunt. I am so sick of it. Women marrying rich men and bragging about how much money they have. To all rich men, WAKE UP, she ony wants you because of what's in your wallet.
So keep buying her diamonds and a Lexus or Mercedes, your going to need to in order to keep her. How does that feel for love? To all you rich people who think your shit don't stink.....guess what??? I can smell it a mile away. I struggle and my husband and I earn every penny we make, we have dignity and respect. We believe in the important things in life....our children, our family and treating people with respect, no matter what their annual salary is.

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm shocked. I can't believe what blind hatred. You people are either admitting that you are patent biggots (hating a class of people because they belong in that class), or, more likely, jealous. To lump all "rich" people into a category of stuck-up, arrogant people is somewhat overinclusive. I could go on forever about this, but you should all clearly look at yourselves for the shortcomings in your lives.

By the way, I pray I'm not ever in need of surgery from the malcontent, grammatically challenged wanta-be surgeon. Wow.

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also live in a VERY rich area. I drive past these mansions that are almost distasteful. I mean, some of them seriously look like hotels. They are the size of FREAKIN hotels!

They all drive the most expensive Mercedes S class or better and with vanity plates, too. How tacky!

I hate rich people. They are so fing arrogant. They spend on their houses and on other, more wasteful things enough to feed thousands of starving children. I can only hope that what goes around truly comes around and those who have it great in this life and are selfish and greedy will get justice in the next life. They'll come back as roaches.

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares if someone has a Mercedes? Who cares about the fact that the person was driving a Land Rover. We might as well be envy them. They have succeeded in life, and didn't waste their time writing a blog that sucks! Yipee, it sounds like your life is SOO much better than theirs!

5:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bastard! You blog sucks, and is pointless! All this blog is doing is clogging up our internet.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

these comments, the last ones, are so ignorant, blind, stupid and offensive. this blogger--I agree with her. I hate rich people. Most of my friends hate them. I don't believe in justice in the next life I believe in justice in THIS life. All this reincarnation stuff is just a cop out, an excuse to avoid responsibility for the fact that not everyone out there is benevolent. Look at Caligula, most pretty much all of the world dictators. Henry Kissinger. Evil people, is what they are, and it shouldn't be allowed to happen. It isn't right, period. America needs to WAKE UP. I was tormented by rich kids in elementary and junior high. People are deluded, I'm sorry. These last three comments were written, probably, by someone with an agenda, maybe government agents. Justice will be served. The FBI and CIA have had to own up to their wrongful behavior, what they thought they'd never be punished for, recently. The civil rights and women's movements were infiltrated and betrayed by rich people who sold out their own to serve themselves. We're talking about narcissistic personality and sociopathic disorders here. Devil worship. Enough is enough. Money won't save you from hell.

12:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These last comments are really offensive and ignorant. Probably written by government agents of some kind. I hate rich people. I was tormented by rich kids in school. I have to deal with them EVERY DAY and most are sociopaths, the definition. I don't believe in waiting around for justice in the next life or that what happens now is a result of past lives, ect. Right needs to be made NOW. Americans are SO deluded, there must be change here.

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, to be fair, I've met some wealthy people who have been decent to me, and some poor people who have done wrong things as well. I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about the people that I deal with every day in my neighborhood, the media I read every day, which continues to insist that all the inhumanity being committed out there is justified, "helping our economy" (yeah, sure) go out into the street in New York is to daily encounter women on their cell phones crashing into me without saying excuse me, people in our buildings who have torn up the top floor, broken the elevator, brought in work people who steal from us, leave trash and debris everywhere, and made the place inhabitable all so they can "renovate" their place into a luxury penthouse. Our building is not designed for something like this. People in our building with medical conditions are forced to climb several flights of stairs every day because of these people. These rich women in our neighborhood insult the people who've lived here for many decades on a continual basis. There are drunken fratboys hanging around who...I won't even get into it. They are arrogant, unbearable. They throw their money around everywhere they go and expect special treatment. Meanwhile there is so much pain, bloodshed and loss being inflicted on innocent lives around the world, and it's because of these people.

1:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck rich people. Even though I will be rich...they are fucking assholes.
I hope I don't become an arrogant Ferrari owning douche.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny that you are from Jenkintown, I used to take the R3 through it from W. Trenton on my way to Philly (I used to live in Lawrenceville, NJ and now live in Tampa, FL).

I don't despise all rich people, but on the by and by, I think they are class-A douche bags and it isn't the money factor, it is the conspicuous consumption factor and sense of entitlement and their outwardly childish behavior. The bored house wife with SUV is all too common up there and in the area of Tampa I live in (Palma Ceia).

It is a shame that Che Guevara didn't succeed in converting all of the Americas to communism (or socialism at least). The worst part is that much of society is in collusion with these assholes' consumeristic idealogy. Fuck Madison Avenue, Greenwich, CT, Paris Hilton and the Bush family.

I used to work in Center City, Philadelphia and saw it all the time, although NYC is far worse. I think liberal, yoga Whole Foods rich people are worse than the stuffy, old-school Northeasterners. At least the latter admits their contempt for their social "inferiors". The former pretends that they care, yeh right, pick up your yoga mat, drink your fucking venti latte and get the fuck out of my face.

I'd like to say that a class war in which the wealthy were reduced to primordial goo (or at least forced to give up their disgusting fortunes) would be in order, but the new ruling class might be worse than them. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

I suppose we can all become Buddhists and pretend this shit doesn't exist or move to some island and become a bum and drop out of society entirely. Shit, that costs money too and might become fashionable (like the dirtbag hippies) and then condos would spring up on once pristine beaches. Damn it!

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you for the most part- there are a lot of rich, selfish, sociopaths running around. What I can't stand the most is when their spoiled kids get all rebellious and try to hang out with the "poor kids". They go gay, dreadlocks, drug addict or whatever else they think will piss off their parents. Then they go on about how rough they had it yet they live in the condos their parents bought for them and attend luxe art schools with zero debt incurred. Until youre disinherited, you have not right to bitch.

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like ur describing urself minus the rich snob....i am 14 years old and my parents have 42 million dollars. they worked their asses off for that money so they could provide me with whatever i wanted. they are both investment bankers and enjoy valet parking. so next time, remember that they worked to get that money. even paris hilton, an independent busineess owner. because she was dishoned from her grandparents will

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. Rich people arent lazy, they have ambition and dedication to achieve their wealth. Poor people are lazy.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yes.

This is a great blog.

Absolutely great.

Answered a few questions of my own really.

Thank you so much.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I grew up with nothing! My father was a donut maker for Winchell's and my mother wiped the butt's of elderly people for five dollars an hour! I worked hard and started my own business, within the first 5 years I became a millionaire 8 times over and now I'm in an even better financial position. I don't feel sorry for any of you! You can have anything you want in this country if, you work hard for things that you want. I dropped out of college so don't use education as your scape goat. Your all a bunch of assholes that need to come to terms with the fact that we choose our own path to follow in life! You all chose to be where you are today. I'm sorry you made bad choices in life, now go fuck yourselves! Fucking Dicks and Cunts! That felt so good to get out, now I can relax and let you all know that not every rich person had their money handed to them on a silver platter. I'm self made and proud of it!

10:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look. If you hate rich people so much as I do, then you should join me to do something about them. They take from us, and every poor person in the world; they live high on the hog while the rest of us bust our ass. I say we find a way to get rid of thier power. I have found a way. No matter what, the playing field will be leveled. If you are interested in joining me in ridding the world of superficial filth, e-mail me at

I am a born and raised Texan. And the true poor Texans don't take shit from anyone. Rich people are my worst enemy. I am white myself, but I hate white rich people the most. They think they are so much better than everyone else. It's time to take them out.

And as for this guy who says he bacame a millionare 8 times over from nothing; that's great for you. Guess what, you could take all that money you don't need and shove it back into your company. You could pay your employees a little more, show them respect. You don't need millions of dollars to survive. You are taking from the rest of us because all you care about is yourself. We are coming for the selfish like you. We will hunt you donw and torture you. Or maybe when the economy fails, you'll just kill yourself because you don't know how to live without money. I wish the latter on you, piece of fucking rich trash! Not everyone can be rich you idiot. If there were no workers, then you wouldn't get your hambergers or your hair cuts. There would be no supermarkets. There would be no place for your rich ass to be entertained. So you see, all these poor people you're ragging on are the people that keep things running. You're just not sharing whith the rest of us because you've sold out. Gee, I'm glad I got that out, cause if I met you on the street I'd put you in the hospital for what you just said. I might even kill you, yes, I would stab you in the neck. That how strongly I feel about you capitalist pigs. You're all going to rot in hell.

12:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't stand large houses...they intimidate me. I don't like rich people either, but some people who work and have all this money like to spoil them selves. I don't blame them. I would do it. But I wouldn't buy a stupid car, because I only need some thing that can get me places. I wouldn't buy a huge house, because who needs a million bathrooms and huge bedrooms. I guess the space is nice but that big? Really? I would use the money for things I need. And maybe buy my self stuff here and there...

6:43 PM  

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