Monday, January 02, 2006


nine things to do before i leave Texas:

1. go to NASA and do dumb tourist things.
2. walk around the third ward and take pictures.
3. see another crazy hardcore show with Anna and Shawna (bring earplugs this time).
4. go to Austin for a weekend.
5. go to Mexico for a weekend.
6. see the Basquiat show at the MFAH.
7. hang out with Mark more.
8. stalk the Shrub in Crawford (are you listening, NSA?)
9. figure out how to fit all this shit in my car and drive back to Pennsylvania.

eight things i can't stand about my sister:

1. the way she can't stop saying things like, "I can't wait for Marc Jacobs' spring collection".
2. her nose constantly in Vogue.
3. her fake ass smile in our holiday pictures.
4. there is no world outside of Manhattan, and if there is, it's boring and a season behind.
5. smoking because Sarah Jessica Parker did in "Sex and the City".
6. reminding me that i am fat several times over Christmas break.
7. throwing occasional 14-year-old temper tantrums.
8. constant insinuations that i, in fact, do not know anything.

seven trains of thought running through my head in the past few weeks:

1. Philadelphia. Houston. Philadelphia. Houston. Philadelphia. Lebanon? Houston. Philadelphia. Philadelphia. Houston. Philadelphia.
2. should call Olive. should call John. should call Olive. should call John.
3. that fucking asshole.
4. apartments, one bedroom, two bedroom, studio, utilities, bungalow.
5. residencies, grants, fellowships, residencies, grants, studios, grants, residencies, CV, resume, slides, slides, slides!
6. that fucking bitch.
7. white houses, houses, white, white houses, shit, am i repeating myself?

six things that are worse:

1. the dirty dishes in the sink.
2. the dead cockroach in my bedroom wastecan.
3. my finances.
4. the floor of my studio (covered in clay).
5. my addiction to coca cola.
6. the coat i started to knit in November.

five things that are better:

1. the alignment of my neck.
2. my hair (cut and dyed).
3. the gas tank in my car (completely full).
4. Mexican coke (made with real sugar!).
5. porcelain.

four things i want in an apartment in Philadelphia:

1. hardwood floors.
2. heat included in the rent.
3. in Germantown, preferably within walking of Jeanine.
4. around $500 a month.

three daydreams i have recently had:

1. being not allergic to anything so i could live with Jeanine.
2. various situations where i inflict pain and violence on people i hate.
3. a one bedroom apartment in Inwood.

two possible places to move to after i leave Houston:

1. Lebanon.
2. Philadelphia.

one wish:

1. happy effing new year.


pondering princess said...

OK- 2 questions for you. (one question is a two-parter) First, why the name Hejira? Are you into Joni Mitchell? Second, how's your relationship with your sister? Good luck with everything. I enjoyed the lists.

1:53 PM  
Katy said...

Hey Bethany: I was visiting Mr. Adam Walter Tice at his dad's house over Christmas. I noticed that many of the decorations of their house were Bethany Rusen teapots, vases with faces, etc. Adam asked me to remind you that the Tices still have your creations. Mr. Tice's new girlfriend has incorporated your artwork quite nicely into the decor. It's basically more prominent than Adam's work in the house, which made me chortle.

Also, I can't imagine you choosing Lebanon as a place to live! I can't imagine myself doing it, either. I vote for Philadelphia.

6:00 AM  

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