Tuesday, January 17, 2006

well, duh.

there's been a burn ban in this part of Texas for the last few weeks, and if i had a guess, i'd say it's probably been lifted by now, because last night was the most insane, torrential rain that i've seen since i've been in Texas.

i was settled down last night in bed and kind of combing through an old New York Times (contemplating my love-hate relationship with the Sunday Styles section), but i heard a soft drip. actually, i should say saw a soft drip, because a stream of water landing on carpet doesn't make any sound. yes, a stream of water coming out of the edge of my ceiling. i positioned a wastebasket under it, only then to find about four more leaks, including one directly over my bed. oh joy.

i called Mark, who called the landlord, who came over, followed by his four year old son, to inspect the problem. so it will be fixed today, and last night i spent the night on the notoriously comfortable couch (as Mark calls it). Mark made spicy popcorn and fed me dark chocolate that tasted of cherries, and we watched CSI and kept a running commentary about how lame it was.

so me mum is coming down to Tehas on Thursday. i had been musing only a few weeks earlier how sad it would be that she would never get to see my digs in Texas, but she had a flight voucher (left over from when American Airlines nearly killed me and my father last summer), and so she is coming here, with plans to knock out at least a couple of things on my Texas to-do list. i think the Basquiat show is in the plans, as well as going to Austin for a day, and doing dumb tourist things at NASA. i want some space ice cream. because i like eating things that are like Astroturf.

i'm also having a little opening/reception for the work i did over the last six months. things are not near done and yet i find myself oddly unstressed about it. maybe i learned my lesson from my thesis show and my body decided that nervous breakdown was not the most favorable path. at any rate, things will get done tomorrow, and i think they'll be pretty okay.

i am sure of a couple things, though:

i think i am done with clay.

i know i am not stretching myself anywhere near enough in my work.

i feel somewhat disappointed by what i didn't do during this residency, but not disappointed in a bitter way. i guess i am excited by the possibilites, and the knowledge that i can and will make work after this residency is over, and it'll be good, probably better than the stuff i'm making now. i don't know exactly why i'm still torturing myself with porcelain, because buidling with it and babysitting it (as it must be) no longer has the slightest pleasure for me. maybe that's why i spent so much time fucking around on the internet in my studio: to avoid what i no longer like.

ah well. time to start over.


alexis said...

good luck. look me up if you are in central PA on your journey.

6:40 PM  

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