Saturday, February 11, 2006


last week i moved out of my studio, and it ended up being a lot less upsetting than i thought it would be. my life is certainly less stressful having to deal with the presence of That Bitch on a daily basis. That Bitch tried to make nice with me several times in my last weeks at the Center, but i really didn't let her. i've had my fill of pyschotic people and i'm kind of done.

on THAT happy note, all i have been doing is working like mad at the Buck and trying to plot my life back in Philadelphia. i have a couple places in mind to live, including one in Frankford right next to the El. i have always wanted to live next to a train - ambient noise like that doesn't bother me at all, considering i've spent the last seven months sleeping with my head fifty feet away from Highway 59. i've also applied for about a million jobs and have only heard back from two (one no, and one "thanks for your app and we'll call you back after March 1st").

so. life continues on. desperately trying to cram all the Texas things i want to do into the next few weeks. i'm going to Galveston next week with Shawna, and Jeanine is flying down on the 2nd, and then i am out. i can sort of feel that awful trauma of leaving creeping up on me now, i'm so sick of it and i just want it to not happen again for a long time.


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