Saturday, May 13, 2006

white trash philadelphia.

i wrote an entry a few months ago describing my criteria for a dwelling in Philadelphia. they were:

1. hardwood floors.
2. heat included in the rent.
3. in Germantown, preferably within walking of Jeanine.
4. around $500 a month.

of these four, i only met two. well, really, one. the hardwood floors. nearly all my preconcieved notions of where and how i was going to live here in Philly were thrown out the window within the first two or three days. one, i realized that i would be earning appoximately half of jackshit. therefore, there was no possible way i could live alone. so the stress of finding a roommate, etc, etc. i thought my luck might've run out with Mark, since he was pretty damn awesome. but on my first day back in PA, i got an email from Kayti and we met, found each other mutually agreeable, and located a cheap but really nice little rowhouse in Fishtown. and here i am, sitting in said house, with internet AT HOME for the first time in seven months, quite happy and content, listening to the rap music, sirens and the screaming fights of my neighbors that have become the soundtrack of my life, for now.

the rowhome thing. i have never actually live in a true rowhome, always duplexes, with a blessed amount of space between you and the next dwelling. not so here. i hear every fight that my neighbors have, and they have them quite frequently. the house on our left has two teenage daughters, the house on our right has three boys under ten and a neglected dog. their parents fight and have sex at equal volumes.

the screaming fight thing is something i don't understand. i didn't grow up around that, so it's quite foreign and bizarre to me. sure, my parents had their tiffs, and yelled, but there was nary an f-bomb dropped until my sister and i had reached the age of majority. here, it's fuck this, fuck that, all within the earshot of children. now, i know this sounds weird coming from a person who curses like it's her job, but that just doesn't seem right. at least i learned how to curse like a proper suburban mall rat, from the bad kids on the playground.

Fishtown is nearly all white. which is also weird. it's also largely Catholic and Polish, which really makes me feel like i'm living in my grandparents' neighborhood in Wilkes-Barre. there is either a deli or a bar on every corner. last week Kayti and i did a tour of three of the neighborhood bars, and we probably walked a total of six blocks. the One-Stop Deli lies a mere 100 feet from my front door, staffed by a quiet cigarette-voiced woman named Arlene and another woman whose name i have yet to learn. she is notable for the fact that, when someone she knows comes into the deli, instead of a cordial hello, she bellows, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?"

ah, Philly. i've missed you so much.


alexis said...

i'm glad you're back in PA!

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