Saturday, July 08, 2006

Does this make me look 17?

for the past few weeks, i have been teaching art at a hoity-toity summer camp out in the suburbs, a job which i enjoy thoroughly and get paid an obscenely large amount of money for very little work. this hasn't happened to me many times in my life, so i'm going to take it.

i did a dumb thing on the 4th. i decided to stretch my ears to 4 gauge. they had been at 6 for about two or three months, and (numerical coincidence not withstanding) i decided that it was a good day to do it, since my barbecue plans never materialized and i ended up sititng at home painting furniture. i slid them in and they hurt like a motherfucker, but i didn't think much of it. they always hurt like a motherfucker for a couple hours. usually it's some ibuprofen and in about a week i'm as good as new and nearly healed.

i knew something was amiss when, on thursday, they were still hurting and i couldn't even lay on my ear to sleep. during class i happened to reach up and touched one and came away with a little blood. oh, yay. as gross as making large holes in your earlobes sounds to (most) people, it's done gradually enough that it doesn't hurt much and should never, ever bleed. i should've known. i went to bathroom, and found out i had indeed torn the holes. left ear worse than the right. so traipsed off to the nurse, quickly making up a story that my earring had gotten caught. somehow i didn't think the self-inflicted part og my injury would go over very well.

i got some band aids and neosporin, which was really all that i was after. the nurse asked me my name, and as she was writing it down, asked casually, so, what grade are you in?

my mind focused for a moment and i realized that she still thought i was in high school.

"oh,, i'm graduated. out of college. i'm 25." i replied, noticing with embarassment the note of desperation the last word landed on.

she apologized. and i was left wondering what gave it away. i was kind of acting cute and hesitant when i walked in, much like i was through high school, but after all, it had been years since i'd been in a nurse's office. maybe i was regressing. was it the neon red hair? i would have never dyed my hair this color when i was 17, nor cut it this short.

i was hoping, then, that perhaps an aura of worldiness and experience had finally settled around me, but maybe i'm wrong. i don't get carded at bars or the state store anymore. if hard pressed i could probably find a wrinkle, somewhere. but man. high school.


Rhymes With Scrabble said...

Ha! I hardly ever get carded anymore either, and I have bright pink hair--I don't know, maybe they see the several tattoos and think "She must be 21 by now." And I guess I'm usually with people who look obviously older than 21.

10:49 AM  
arija said...

i'm 24, and i get carded for cigarettes ALL THE TIME. the other day i was at lunch with a friend who is younger than i am, and i got carded when i ordered a glass of wine (at LUNCH in NEW YORK CITY) and he didn't.

i just tell myself that when i'm 40 and look 30 i'll love it.

5:07 PM  
Katy said...

last summer, i got carded to see WEDDING CRASHERS. the pimply theater attendant did not trust that i was SEVENTEEN!!! i feel your pain.

11:09 AM  

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