Wednesday, December 06, 2006

this is the plan we create.

i began the grad school application journey in earnest today, when i popped over to temple this afternoon to pick up the transcripts i ordered. after that, it was to the dollar store, where i obtained my battle tools: file folders and padded mailers. i am applying to six schools, which is a dizzying number when you considered just how many pieces of crap has to make its way into those padded mailers in the next few weeks. i labeled each folder thus:

Alfred University

UMass Dartmouth

Mills College

University of Washington

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

University of the Arts

my mother would be so proud. and i told her so, tonight, on the phone.

on a tangential note, i have been contemplating how to say this for a while, because it's been a feeling that's nagged me gently for a few months now. i am sick of being alone and (please cover your eyes, Dad) i am really sick of not having sex. it's pissing me off in a very serious way. being alone used to not be such a big deal for me, but now it's suddenly is. it's very odd.

i will continue this tomorrow in an entry titled "Fuck You, Nature".


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