some things never change

December 10. 1999

The drive home today was hell. It started raining early this morning, and only grow heavier as the day went on. I wasn't looking forward to driving on the turnpike when it was like this. By the time I reached Valley Forge, it had lightened up, fortunately. I had to stop and get gas. The pump had one of those fancy computerized thingies that I couldn't figure out, so after several frustrating moments trying to purchase gas, I gave up and drove on. I stopped at the next service station, figured out how to work the machine, only to get my debit card declined. Dammit, I know I have over $1300 in my account, why the hell was it declined? I finally just paid with cash, after having to wait in line for 10 minutes and being treated rudely by the attendants. I guess service is dead.

Once home, I journeyed downstairs to my studio, and confirmed that it was indeed an unholy mess. Buckets of dried clay were everywhere, dried clay on the wheel, dried clay on the wedging block, not to mention the mess outside the pottery area. I gathered all the dry clay in  a bucket, and began to recycle it. I fell back into the comforting routine that clay provides. I realized how much I missed it, and how much I needed it. My cat Charcoal was there for company and we talked while I cleaned up. I think giving the studio a thorough cleaning is first on my list when I am finally freed from school obligations.

My Dad got home from work, and according to tradition, we immediately got into a fight. Some things never change. I am also amazed at what a petulant bitch my sister has become. I mean, she was always bossy and strong willed, but now she dishes it out to my parents in all sorts of ways, and they just sit back and take it, which I find somewhat disturbing. She has a VERY LOUD VOICE, and whenever things don't go her way, she just yells until she gets what she wants. Whereas I would cry and retreat to my room and internalize it in all sorts of bad ways, she just gets loud. I have especially fond memories of her getting mad in the car when I was driving her somewhere and her voice seeming much louder in that confined space.

So the rest of the night was spent eating a stromboli, screwing around with Photoshop, and avoiding doing the mountain of work I have before me. I went to pick up Lauren from her friend's house, I was immediately treated the rudeness and attitude that I always am whenever she's around her friends. Like I said, some things never change.

another collage'o Bethany.

music: Dead Air for Radios, Chroma Key
food: toll house semi sweet chocolate morsels (eaten by the bag)
read: Art history book
sight: Jan Saudek postcard from Katja
song lyric:
I was five miles up in the atmosphere / I was half asleep when I landed here
- Wednesday the Sky, Chroma Key