procrastination queen

December 12. 1999

This weekend sucked, all around.

I really did nothing in the way of studying for my finals, or for that matter, anything else. This was due to the fact that I felt like shit to begin with, and the realization that there was no way I could make up for a semester's neglect in a weekend. My allergies were bad, mostly due to my cat, whom I love dearly but am very allergic to. I also got my period, which makes me an irritable, cramp-ridden eating machine. I spent two hours in the bathtub today in the fetal position wishing for death. I am on the pill for this, people. Since May. It still hasn't worked. I'm less than thrilled at the prospect of filling that Codeine prescription.

I discovered last summer that I am miserable when not busy. If I don't have something to occupy my mind and my hands, I'll go crazy. Which is why I suppose I chose the occupation of artist. My work is a never ending work in progress, so I guess I'll never be bored. But this weekend I was bored, and when I am bored, nothing gets done. I gave up the ghost on Intellectual Heritage, people. I don't even know if I should bother taking the final. I slacked off all semester, went to (maybe) half the classes, did none of the assignments, and now I am paying for it. Pity is I did smashingly on the rest of my classes - three A's and two B's. All for shit.

The stand where I sell my pottery at the Farmer's Market was under new management (which was really too bad, because I really liked the guy who had run it) and I went to have a little pow-wow with the new owner, Nancy. She's...well...a little flaky. And diagnosed ADD. And one of those people who flaunts the fact that she's an artist because she makes wreaths out of dried flowers. *sigh* It was rather frustrating dealing with her. She knew I thought she was full of shit, and she told me so. Did I also mention this woman has zero tact?

Anyway, I am supposed to do a pottery demonstration at the Farmer's Market on Friday. That should be interesting, and should generate a lot of sales. The only thing I'm worried about is my ability to throw. I haven't touched clay since August. I have a few days to practice, though, so hopefully I won't make a fool of myself.

My parents and I went to an amazing Thai restaurant last night. Easily the best food I've eaten in months. And what are the chances of there being an excellent Thai restaurant in, of all places, Lebanon, PA, home of homogenized culture? I had duck for the first time, too. Excellent food. I could go there every day to eat. My parents and I were the only ones in there, unfortantely. They haven't been getting much business, not surprisingly. I can't see there being much of a market for Thai food in Lebanon County.  I really hope they can stay afloat.

I finally attended a movie tonight, after four months of not stepping foot in a movie theater. I went to see "Toy Story 2" with my Dad. Amazing movie. Better than the original. Go see it. I love going to the movies with my Dad more than anyone else. It's from him that I inherited my habit of making wiseass comments thoughout the the movie, and when we're together we try to outdo each other. Whenever I try to do this with another person, I either get "shhhh!" or weird looks. Oh well.

Seen at right is my finished full length self-portrait. It's rather large, I hope it doesn't take too much time to load, but I wanted it large so you can see all the detail. Enjoy.

music: Blue, Joni Mitchell
food: Vanilla Ice Cream with Honey
read: Art history book
sight: a mound of used tissues
song lyric:
I wish I had a river so long / I would teach my feet to fly
- River, Joni Mitchell