fiercest calm

December 18. 1999

What? What did you say?


I didn't think so.

The pottery demonstration at the Farmer's Market went really really well. I sold a good amount of pottery, and it was a lot of fun getting throw right in the middle of the market like that. My Dad bought some advertising for me on the local AM station, WLBR, during the talk show hosted by Don Bowman, the big mouth and bastion of conservatism in Lebanon County. Still, the demographic was perfect, because mostly people over 50 listen to the show, and that's mostly the clientele we get in the Farmer's Market. A lot of people mentioned the ads, so I was very pleased about that.

Of course, there was Nancy to put up with. What a delightful piece of work she is. She nearly drove me crazy. Not only did she talk incessantly about herself, but she badmouthed my father at one point. We were eating lunch, and she said to me, "You know, I think your father doesn't like me too much..." She then proceeded to tell me how he was strong willed and obnoxious. Gee, thanks. But I couldn't exactly tell her off right there (seeing as she's selling my work) so I just bit my lip and smiled politely.

So at least that's over and done with now. But am I relaxing? Oh no! Now I have many Christmas presents and general preparations hanging over my head. I have my Christmas presents to make, but I'm looking forward to it because it's really a labor of love, anyway. I promised my mom I would make Christmas cookies one day next week, and I want to go visit my grandparents in Baltimore. My grandfather is still at Johns Hopkins, so I thought I'd go down and visit them for a day and maybe take my grandmother out to lunch or something. They really need someone down there to keep them company, even for just a day. I'm trying to get my friend John to go with me, because I'd rather not drive down to Baltimore on my own.

So after an unplanned nap this afternoon, I got up and started cleaning the studio. Ugh. Things are so incredibly dusty down there. And it doesn't help the matter that I am allergic to dust. I took allergy medicine, to no avail. I was sneezing my head off and taking liberal doses of my inhaler. But I did manage to get some things organized. I threw away a lot of stuff too, which always feels good for me, like a purging.

I went through a lot of my mother's old artwork from high school and college. I had looked at it a few times before, but now it took on a new meaning now that I was in college, too. I also looking though some of my work from high school and before, cringed at most of it.

For some reason, my Dad didn't keep any of his work from college or high school, which is really a pity, because I would have loved to see it. So much of my father is an engima to me, and he chooses to reveal very little to me about his past or his childhood. Everytime I try to press him for information, he changes the subject or gets downright hostile. *sigh* He and I went to see "Bicennential Man" yesterday, which was a perfectly awful movie. "Anna and the King" was playing, "Dogma" was playing, but nooo...we had to go see Robin Williams be not funny. I hate the direction he's taking in films since "Good Will Hunting". It makes me want to go back and watch "Good Morning Vietnam" and "Mork and Mindy".

music: Scenes from a Memory, Dream Theater
food: cranberry juice
read: um...nothing. so shoot me.
sight: Mad TV
song lyric:
Shine - lake of fire / Lines take me higher / My mind drips desire / confined and overtired
- Home, Dream Theater