holiday haze

December 22. 1999

On Monday, I finally met up with some of my friends from high school, and we hung out at a local coffeehouse, chewed the fat and listened to some chick butcher Joni's "A Case of You" for open mic night. It was nice to see all my friends again, especially John, who I greeted with a running tackle as he was standing outside on the sidewalk, smoking. I'm sure he enjoyed that as much as I did. A bunch of us ended up outside for several hours, comparing college exploits. I found out that PSU, Clarion University and Pitt had significantly better party scenes than good old Tyler School of Art. Stupid me had not brought any kind of winter coat (since I had left it at the Farmer's Market last week), so I was freezing my ass off. We finally ended up at the only 24 hour greasy spoon in Lebanon County, the Hearth. I ate a reuben that tasted like ass.

Another highlight of the past few days has been the receiving of a Christmas parcel from my friend Katja in Finland. A fellow Tori fan, we've been emailing, snail mail writing, trading music and other fun stuff for the past year. For Christmas, she sent me a cd she had made of Finnish music, and some Finnish chocolate (which is already a distant memory. yum), plus some Kate Bush cds she owed me from before. The music is really awesome, all of it is in Finnish with the exception of 3 or 4 songs, but the music is still fascinating even though I can't understand the words. She even typed me out a sheet with explanations of all the songs and translated the titles into English for me. Some of them are downright beautiful..."during the blind moment", "provoking the wind". *sigh* I plan to email her, but since she reads this journal, I figure I'd give her some props publicly first.

I've been getting into Kate Bush a lot lately, mostly due to Katja's influence. I still don't understand the comparison to Tori Amos at all, to me, they're not very alike. This summer I completely fell in love with "Hounds of Love", which is now one of my favorite albums overall. I just got the import version of it, with some extra b-sides and mixes on it, which I absolutely adore. "My Lagan Love", an a capella song, had me completely floored the first time I heard it. It reminds me a lot of Tori's "Song for Eric" except about a thousand times better. I also got "The Dreaming", which I can only describe as really creepy and disquieting. She just does so many weird and unexpected things with her voice and instrumentation on that album. I think it's my favorite after "Hounds of Love". Of course, "The Sensual World" and "The Red Shoes" are in the mail, so we shall see after that. I am not so fond of her earlier stuff. "Never for Ever" and "Lionheart" are okay (the songs on "Lionheart" sound strangely familiar, but I can't imagine where I would have heard it before) and I can only stand "The Kick Inside" in small doses. It will probably grow on me eventually. And now, I will ask the same question all Kate Bush fans have asked themselves in the past few years. When is her next album being released?

My grandfather is still at Johns Hopkins, and he will be there for Christmas now, too. *sigh* Like I said before, I had planned to visit them at some point this week, but because of time constraints and bad weather, it didn't happen. My family is going down to Baltimore on Christmas Eve and doing a makeshift viligia (which is the traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner) for my grandmother. I remember Wiliga (pronounced veh-lee-ah) when I was little at my Nana's (great grandmother) house. My entire extended family was there, from my great grandmother and great aunts and uncles to all my cousins that were younger than me. Now they're all either dead or live too far away for us to have viligia. Since my mother has a brother 12 years younger than her, I have some very young cousins who will probably never get to have viligia.

I spent some time tonight helping the 'rents wrap gifts for our entire extended family. *whew* I also worked on my own xmas presents, which, in true Bethany fashion, I left until the last minute. Provided I can work my ass off tomorrow, I should be able to get them done.

music: Kate Bush, The Dreaming
food: an entire case of coke consumed in the last four days
read: too damn busy
sight: gifts from across the sea
song lyric:
you want my reply? / what was the question? / I was looking at the Big Sky
-The Big Sky, Kate Bush