shaken, not stirred

December 27. 1999

I decided to pretend to have a social life today and went out with my friends John and Erin. John had just gotten a digital camera for Christmas, so we decided to document our entire day of fun for your reading (and viewing) pleasure. When I was at John's house I had the pleasure of scanning my face with his new scanner. I think everyone should do this, because it's fun and looks so darn cool (and of course it worked marvelously for Tori on the cover of "From the Choirgirl Hotel"). Below is a stupid picture of me and John that I insisted upon for the simple fact that we have no pictures together.

We had a hell of time deciding which movie to go to. Since I hadn't seen any movies for about four months or so, I've been OD'ing on movies since I've gotten home. I've seen "The Green Mile", "Being John Malkovich" and "Any Given Sunday" in the past week, which I'm sure is an all time high for me, given the fact that I've never been a consummate movie-goer to begin with. I went to see "The Green Mile" the day after Christmas with my parents (at age 19, I am not above being seen with my parents in public, thankyouverymuch). I had heard a review on NPR absolutely panning the movie, so I went in with lowered expectations, and came out liking it quite a lot. I have never been a huge fan of Stephen King,  reading the "The Tommyknockers" in seventh grade left a bad taste in my mouth for his work. However, in this case I was pleasantly surprised. The movie clocked in at a lengthy 3 hours, 15 minutes, but that didn't bother me at all. The story kept momentum and I was not bored. "Any Given Sunday", a "Dad and Bethany" movie, I liked a lot less. This was the first Oliver Stone movie I had ever seen, believe it or not, and I'm not sure I like his style. The movie, however, felt just too long and I found myself wishing it would end.

John, Erin and I eventually decided on going to see "Being John Malkovich", which, as luck would have it, was only being shown at a theatre in Harrisburg. But I had a full tank of gas and a tapeful of Kate Bush, so I felt up to a drive across several counties.

We stopped first at McDonalds, where John delighted in taking not-so-clandestine pictures of the friendly employees there. He continued this annoying practice the entire day, snapping pictures of Foodland, where he had worked for several years, innocent people in passing cars, various landmarks (such as the Hershey Chocolate Factory, below) and some fairly stupid candid shots of me driving. Nothing like having a flash blind you while you're going 70 on Route 83.

Dear John neglected to tell me the movie theatre we were going to was located on the West Shore of Harrisburg (the west shore of the Susquehanna River, in other words). All the time I had assumed the theatre was on the East Shore, which is considerably less driving distance from where we live. Hence, we were almost late for the movie, but not quite, so I couldn't readily yell at him. Oh well. More opportunities later, I guess.

The movie theatre itself was pretty skanky, but that was to be expected. "Being John Malkovich", another movie I went into with no expectations, turned out to be one of my favorite movies that I've seen so far this year. If anything, I think Hollywood takes the business of movie making waaay too seriously, and it was nice to finally see a movie that flies in the face of more conventional films like your average "Titanic" or James Bond flick. To be put simply, it was a really wonderful, bizarre film. They managed to make Cameron Diaz look ugly, if you can believe that. Go see it if you haven't already.

After that little interesting foray, we drove home and managed to make it back to Lebanon (mostly) unscathed. That night we went to the Allen coffeehouse, for Monday is Open Mic Night there and the place is always packed with people I know. If you want to find anyone from high school, go there, because it seems like most of my high school's alumni will show up at some point or another. John kept annoying everyone with his camera, taking pictures of Erin (below) and my friend Catharine (to the left), whom I hadn't seen for a full year. We used to be best friends in high school, and since she had been taking summer classes, I hadn't seen her during last summer. The last time I saw her was for dinner over Christmas break last year, so we had a lot to catch up on. She's easily the smartest and most witty individual I've ever met. And she's cute, too.

It's really odd to see all these people again from high school. The dynamic seems completely different in some ways, because, for the first time, we're all coming from different places and completely different life situations. When we were in high school, all our experiences and points of view came from a similar source, because (with a few exceptions) we had lived in Lebanon all our lives, and had known each other since elementary school. Although this sameness can have its advantages, things proved to be a lot more interesting once we were all thrown back together. It's hard to explain, but there's aspects of my personality that are coming out that I've never shown to these people. Same thing with everyone else. For example, Erin got her tongue pierced, which is thee very last thing I would have ever expected from her. It looks cool on her, though. Sometimes the changes are good, sometimes they're not. Only time will tell, I guess.

music:The Red Shoes, Kate Bush
food: Coca-cola
read: Angela's Ashes, Frank McCourt (sooo good)
sight: new cds
song lyric:
don't want your bullshit, yeah / just want your sexuality / don't want excuses /
 write me your poetry in motion
-Song of Solomon, Kate Bush