December 5. 1999

I've been contemplating the redesign of this page for several weeks now. While home over the weekend I intercepted a bunch of black and white photos my Dad had taken, and I was so intrigued by the textures in them that I think they will be the basis for my redesign. Right now I am itching to get to the computer lab and use Photoshop to do all sorts of kewl shit with them. At least my foundation computer course was of some use to me.

I plan on condensing some sections of the site, moving some and adding some new stuff. But everything, all the information, will essentially remain the same. I plan on making the journal more central to the site, and will probably move my business interests (aka Whiteraven Pottery and Artworks) to a different place all together. That section is in sore need of an update, and so is the addition of all the work I have done in my first semester of college. Looking at all my work from high school is almost painful for me now, so most of that will be coming down.

I'm on the fence now about what exactly I want to do with my "business". I put it in quotes because I don't really consider it a business, for the simple fact that being at college inables me to run it and produce the work the way I want to. I've gotten a lot of interest and good feedback from having my work at Lebanon's Farmer's Market, and I am even doing a throwing demonstration there the weekend before Christmas. But I'm at school. I can't keep up with the demand for my stuff and I can't make it the quality I want to, to allow it to grow. So that's very frustrating for me, because I am teetering on the edge of a real "business" and just a hobby.

Anyway, back to the redesign. I'm still focusing on the growth of this journal. I've been reading a lot of online journals lately, and trying to figure just exactly what I want to do with this art form. There are so many possibilities, and I've seen so many different interpretations of the idea of a journal. So we shall see.

I did actually get some Christmas shopping done today, both online and in real life. I can't say for whom or what it is, because my family members read my journal (at least I think they do). I entered a Bath and Body Works shop today for the first time in several years. I stay away from them as a general rule because I am allergic to virtually everything in that store, but I managed to get in and out without sneezing my head off.

I got new music (and I expect lots more in the next few days) but I'll save that for tomorrow.

music: Hejira, Joni Mitchell
food: a clementine
read: my IH book
sight: clementine peel
Song Lyric:
People will tell you where they've gone / they'll tell you where to go /
But til you get there yourself you'll never really know
- Amelia, Joni Mitchell