the lost weekend

November 14. 1999

I've been neglectful of this website lately for the simple reason that I am a lazy ass and I didn't feel like writing. Not that I didn't have an ample supply of topics. Many times this weekend I was thinking about something, and it occurred to me that it would make a great journal entry. But alas, until now, I've not been in the mood to write to anything or anyone about anything. My journal has been neglected, I have numerous letters to write to numerous people, but I know better than to force myself to write. It's usually a bad bad idea...then you get entries like November 10's, which is me babbling on about nothing in attempt to alleviate the guilt that has built up because I haven't written.

Anyway, the little sis and Jess have come and gone, and I must admit, I did have a fun time with them, despite my strong allergy to shopping and anything resembling a mall. They arrived on Friday night, and with them my parents, who of course did the "we're so glad to see you we miss you so much" thing again. Awww. They even took my dirty laundry home.

Well, it was time to introduce two little country bumpkins to the ways of city life. I had to teach them a few pointers, especially my dear little sister. Pointers like when not to flip off someone. Pointers like not to cross Market Street when cars are coming at you going 60 mph. heh heh. Friday night I amazed them with South Street, which I think they enjoyed. We ate at Lorenzo's (I had been telling them about the huge pizza slices for weeks, and of course they were quite excited).

Saturday was spent at the Gallery mall, which is a HUGE mall on Market Street (so big it has its own train stop), and I found myself spending more time in the Express that I cared to. I've never understood my sister's approach to shopping. I am one to go in a shop, find what I want, try it on (sometimes not even that) and get out as quickly as possible, and onto more useful and entertaining things. My sister tries everything on in every possible combination, stands in front of a mirror for extended periods of time, consults everyone around her, puts the article of clothing aside, and then the cycle will be repeated many times over until she has made a decision. So, needless to say, I was a bit bored, a bit intimidated and feeling a bit out of place while sitting waiting for her and Jess to finish. Intimidated because I obviously was not measuring up to whatever the Express was touting as the ideal woman, and out of place because I wasn't sure I gave a damn. The main reason I avoid the corporate beast : they make me uneasy.

Next we went to the Army Navy surplus store, which was actually a pretty interesting place (although it smelled really strange) and I got a much needed bag to replace the one I had that was falling apart. We ended up on South Street again, with the intention of getting Lauren's bellybutton and Jess' nose pierced, but two things prevented this from happening: a) they were not of legal age, and b) I was not their legal guardian or parent. Plus they both chickened out in the end, anyway. I also got a pair of shoes I had been eyeing up for a while in this store called Guacamole. Velcro cool is that? My weekend was completed by eating a delicious reuben at the South Street deli. Again, served open faced, but I remedied that by slapping it together. Slathered with lots of ketchup, too. *drool*

A number of odd coincidences happened to me over the weekend. On Friday night, as we were walking along, I spotted someone I thought looked vaguely familiar, but me being the wimp I am, I didn't want to go up to her. As I was walking away, I heard "Bethany!" and as it turned out, it was my friend Kelleny from high school, who is going to Drexel. We talked only briefly, and I wish it could've been longer. She looked completely different from how she looked in high school. Now what are the chances of me seeing her in a city as big as Philadelphia? Weird.

Another weird coincidence, which happened on Saturday night, was running into one of Lauren's friends, Nargus, and her mother and sister on South Street. Now what are the chances of meeting someone from Lebanon in Philadelphia? Even more weird.

Lauren and Jess departed on Sunday afternoon, just as we were beginning to get sick of each other, which I guess is a good thing. My sister and I have a wonderful relationship when we don't see each other, I think. heh. I settled down to mounds of homework and of course, the weekly X-Files gathering in Sarabeth's room. *grin*

music: Tori Amos, Little Earthquakes
food: nasty ass cafeteria food
read: nothing
sight: my maquette for 3d, which took four hours and earned
me a burn from the hot glue gun
random: I'm not going to think about all the work I have to do in the next three weeks
Song Lyric:
Doesn't take much to rip us into pieces
- Little Earthquakes, Tori Amos