breathe, girl

November 22. 1999

I wish the damn weather would make up its mind already.

Earlier this week, it was the appropriate late November weather...cold and windy. Yesterday I woke up and it was near seventy, thus making my room an oven. The dimwits here decide to leave the heat on despite there being no need for it. I walk over the studios earlier tonight, it is damp and chilly with a heavy fog, the kind of weather that, with the slightest exertion, has me reaching for my inhaler. Or maybe it's just because I'm horribly out of shape now.

Anyway, I haven't been getting much breathing time in, literally or figuratively. Things are just moving insanely fast here, and I'm working my ass off just to keep up. But having fun, too. I forfeited my right to a social life this past weekend so I could work on getting caught up and preparing for final critiques two weeks hence.

A good deal of Sunday was spent at the Philadelphia museum. I still revel in the fact that I have a world class art museum a mere 20 minute drive away from me. I decided on Sunday that before I graduate from Tyler, I will learn this museum inside and out...look at and appreciate every piece of art within its walls. I think it's manageable. Hey, I have four years, and the Philly museum isn't the Met or anything.

Getting there was somewhat of a pain, because driving downtown is always a bitch, but to complicate things, there was a marathon going on that passed right in front of the museum, thus making parking nearly impossible to find. We finally did find a space, albeit several blocks away.

The actual purpose for the museum trip was an art history field trip, but it wasn't until 12:45, and I arrived at 10:00, in order to go to the armor section to sketch for a few hours. My final for drawing class is to do a full length self portrait, and I've decided to draw myself in a suit of armor, a la Joan of Arc. Since I don't have an actual suit of armor to dress up in and draw myself in, I'm going to have to do a composite drawing from all the different sketches I did, which will definitely be a challenge.

I sat on the floor to draw some of the armor, and I was afraid I would get yelled at by a bitchy security guard, but the guy assigned to the armor section was a very nice guy and we actually chatted for a few minutes. He asked me where I went to school and why I was drawing the armor. How nice. :) Since admission to the museum is free until 1 pm on Sundays, the whole museum was quite crowded, especially the armor section, which was flooded with little kids, their parents, and a couple cub scout troops. Awww. Some of them even came up to me and watched me draw, which I just find so adorable.

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read: A History of Women, Volume I, Pauline Schmitt Pantel
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