shit happens

October 11. 1999

Well. It seems this weekend sucked for everyone involved.

It started out rather innocuously. An art history trip to NYC to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We had to be up at the insanely early hour of 7:45 to get the bus. So we were all out there, waiting for the bus. And waiting. And waiting. It finally arrived at 9:00. I was disgruntled, thinking of the extra hour and a half of sleep I could've had.

But I wasn't too disgruntled, because besides getting go to NYC (which always makes me happy - I love that city) I got to once again hang out with Mr. Wild Koba himself and the lovely Venezia. The art history field trip was a waste of time (as field trips usually are) and me and my friends were contented to spend a half an hour in the Museum, and the rest of the time wandering around the area looking for something to eat. We finally ended up on the front steps, waiting for the appearance of the Wild Koba in his natural habitat. He was late, and I began to wonder if I had clarified that I meant the Metropolitan Museum of Art, not the Metropolitan Opera, but then he appeared, "got ryche?" shirt and all.

We went back to his apartment, I watched him scream at the Mets game for a while (I'm so glad I won't be around him when they're playing Atlanta) and then later on we met Venice for dinner at an Argentinean steakhouse, that, despite the horrendous service, had really excellent food. I took many pictures of Koba and Venice in various compromising positions, soon to be added to this site. ;)

Upon calling my friends to make sure they were meeting me at the station in Philly, I learned that all had not been well back in Elkins Park. Apparently the bus ride back to Philly had taken 5 hours instead of the prescribed two, on account of being stuck just outside the Lincoln Tunnel for two hours. They didn't get back until 8:30 on Saturday night, and of course the dining halls weren't open, so they were going to order for pizza. But...all the phones were out of order! and remained so until about noon today. To add more icing on the cake, my friend Pam left her purse on the bus, and had to go get it at the bus company headquarters, only to find the miserable fucks at the bus company had stolen money out of it. My friends Anna and Paul were mugged at gunpoint near the strip of Korean stores near the Tyler campus. My friend Doug gotten bitten by one of the many squirrels populating the campus. My friend Alicia got sick and remained so for most of the weekend. My friend Paul pulled another all nighter is attempt to get caught up in his work. The one hour photo at the nearby Rite-Aid takes six hours.

So, when I got back from NYC all happy and glowing, no one was in a very good mood to greet me. I was considerably consternated when I found I could not get on the net nor call my pottery teacher Deborah, who had called on Saturday night and left one of her typical charming lengthy messages on my answering machine. I haven't talked to her for nearly two months. Fortunately, I journey home to Lebanon this weekend, so I'll most likely see her anyway.

In other (happy) news, I should be zooming on the net with my Ethernet connection by Wednesday. I hope. Who knows. They lost my paperwork (which I sent in early September) so I had to resend all the stuff. arrgh. Technology my ass.

music: Heather Nova, Siren
food: just got back from dinner. pizza
read: A really good book on Michelangelo
sight: the carpet is reaching the look-at-it-and-dry-heave stage
random: i love when my email suddenly decides not to work
Song Lyric:
Rrrrrrabbits. plinkity plinkity plink.
-Tori Amos