crisp fall day

October 14. 1999

Another first for me. I'm trying to update this page while at work, which means I kind of have to bs my way through alot of the html. Interesting, to be sure. Plus, I'm doing it with a Mac. All this switching between PCs and Macs is really messing with my mind.

Surprise, the guy who was supposed to install my ethernet card didn't show yesterday. I waited for 35 minutes. I then called him at Main, and he insisted he had been there. He said he had waited until 5 minutes after 9:00. How nice. I wait around for him for over a half hour, and he sticks around for 5 minutes. How nice. *sigh* We rescheduled for tomorrow at 9.

Not too much to tell here. This is one the first times I'm actually writing in here with no set idea in my mind. As I was walking to work this morning, it was cool and wonderfully windy. I love days like this - they're my favorite. The wind just makes me feel alive, and all the trees look like they're dancing. All the leaves are just starting to change, too. I had expected the colors of the leaves to be kind of dull this season on account of the drought we had most of the summer, but so far, they haven't disappointed.

So. I journey back home to Lebanon this weekend. Thank God. I'm really starting to hate weekends here at school. I always seem to end up going to South Street on Friday night, spending more money than I intended to on some godforsaken CD, and then spending the rest of the weekend screwing around and avoiding doing the work I should be doing. So the weekends has not been too fun for me. Strange as it seems, I think there will be more to do at home than here (I can't believe I just wrote that). The mobility of a car is a key factor. I really miss driving, especially driving on interstate highways and little back country roads. I'm starting a campaign to get the 'rents let me take the car down here for a few weeks.

It's also my Dad's 45th birthday on Saturday. Yikes. I still don't have a present for him, and I can never seem to think of anything to get for him. He's a rather hard person to buy for. I can count exactly one birthday present that I got him that he liked...three John Frankenheimer movies, two or three years ago. The Train, The Manchurian Candidate (one of my favorite old movies), and...I forget the third one. He was one of those Dads, upon being approached about what he wanted for his birthday, would simply look at you and say, "I want you to be good. That'll be a enough of a present for me." Although I would nod, in my little seven-year-old mind, getting him a necktie was probably a better deal.

I will also probably get to see my pottery teacher Deborah. I haven't seen her in over two months, so it'll be nice to go to Scooter's and talk for hours and eat really slowly and annoy the waitresses. That woman taught me the value of listening. Really listening. She also taught me the value of a 3 hour meal. :) I talked to her on Tuesday, she seemed to be doing okay, although the holidays coming up are always hard for her. I really need to get a pic of her up on this site, although she probably wouldn't like that. She gave me an update on Kevin (a guy in my pottery class) and his wife Rachel - no babies yet! They're expecting twins any day now, so there will probably be good news to report within the next week.

In other news, the 'rents have informed me that they got a digital camera! Woohooo! Someone's gonna be having fun with that this weekend...*evil cackle*

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