October 18. 1999

Oh. This is beautiful. This is beautiful. I have been waiting my entire internet life for this.

My Ethernet Connection.

As of a mere hour ago, I have been hooked up to my ultra fast downloading mp3s in one minute connection. I am a happy little camper, because I didn't expect to be on Ethernet until at least Wednesday. Then I get a call from Adam, this totally nice guy at the telecommunications office, saying I am hooked up. Quite a nice pleasant surprise after a weekend that was less than fun.

This will be short, because I am dying to experience the world wide web in my new skin of speed (god, that was cheesy. Did I just write that?).

Like I said, the weekend spent at home was less than fun. Mostly me just trying to adjust to the fact that I am now at college and the realization that life at home goes on whether I am there or not. How egotistical of me to think that everything would just freeze and stop once I left.

We celebrated my Dad's birthday, at the Olive Garden no less, which is one of my favorite places to eat, if somewhat generic. It was rather comforting to be around my family again, my mother with her weird cheerfulness and quirkiness, my father, ever the devil's advocate, and of course my overly loud sister disagreeing with my father at every turn. I'd forgotten all of this.

I didn't get a chance to see Deborah at all, the times we were free just didn't coincide. I felt really bad about that. I wanted to see her so badly. Still no babies for Kevin and Rachel, btw.

Got no work done. Surprise. Everything was just too distracting. Oh well. I am keeping up well enough. I'm actually ahead in 2d design class...imagine that. Me NOT procrastinating. ;)

music: Sleater Kinney
food: granola bars. the GOOD ones
read: Louise Nevelson, A Passionate Life, By Laurie Lisle
sight: my oddities next to the computer
random: I wish The Bell Jar cost less than $7.50 at Borders
Song Lyric:
with just one hand held up high / i can blot you out of sight
- Hello Earth, Kate Bush