getting burned/lost things

September 29. 1999

Wow. Times flies when you're being tortured mentally.

I said before that art school has kicked my ass. Well, it's kicked it all the way to venus and back (sorry, that Tori reference was unavoidable. I apologize to all of you who had to run to the bathroom to dry heave). By the way, I still do not have the album. Stupid here decided to be all trendy and order it from CdNow. Stupid here also forgot to select priority shipping. So I sit here, 4-8 business days later, still waiting for my package to materialize in my little mailbox in Beech Hall. No such luck.

Also disturbing is the fact that a package from Katja, one of my penpals, has been lost in the mail. Not only did it contain a Heather Nova CD, but it also contained a letter with an account of her wedding day. Naturally I wanted to read it, and although she sent it nearly a month ago, it still hasn't made an appearence in my mailbox. I really hope it shows up, sooner rather than later.

But getting back to ass kicking. I have never been one to do things in a timely manner. I am the procrastination queen. I leave everything until the last minute. This wasn't a problem too much in high school. I procrastinated, I still did pretty well. I am finding this is not the case in college.

Bottom line is: I am getting burned pretty badly here. Procrastination is really only a small part of it. I'm not working on things as much as I should. I'm not getting enough sleep, I'm not eating well (I remember when I ate vegetables everyday...*sigh*), I don't exercise. I am pretty out of sync. The karma is disrupted. I'm pissing people off. So now most of my energy is being devoted to figuring out how to get myself out of this funk. I hate feeling like this. Hence the title of this entry. I've lost something here, and I can't quite figure out what. Maybe I never had it.

In somewhat happier news, I feel like writing in my journal again. The desire, however, is incongruent with the time available.

New Music

The little music whore went to South Street on Friday and made the mistake of going into Tower Records and spending more money. Hey, it's not my fault that all the Joni Mitchell CDs were $7.99, is it?

Joni Mitchell: Dog Eat Dog (1985)

Of all Joni's work, her stuff from the 80s is probably what I know the least. I was optimisitc about this album, because I had Wild Things Run Fast (from 1982) and I loved it (esp. Chinese Cafe *sigh*). But I was a little disappointed. The cheesy Dirty Dancing 80s sound is defintiely here, and I'm not sure if it works for her, but Joni's strong songwriting makes up for nearly all of the shortcomings.

Joni Mitchell: Night Ride Home (1991)

This is sounds alot more like Turbulent Indigo (from 1994) than anything else. It has some really beautiful songs on it that I knew from her greatest hits collection, like "Passion Play (When All the Slaves Are Free", "Come in From the Cold" and "Nothing Can Be Done". Overall, it shows a maturing Joni, as her voice starts getting that husky quality she has now that I love.

Renaissance: Scheherazade and Other Stories (1977)

After futile searches through most of New York City to find this CD, on a whim I went into this little shop on South Street with the outside chance that they might have it. When I found it, I jumped around and yelled and hugged Sarabeth and made a general ass of myself. Sarabeth asked me what Renaissance sounded like, and I had trouble finding the words to describe them. Kind of classical influenced rock,  I guess. At any rate, I had this album shoved down my throat on the car ride to the Tori concert, and I loved it, especially Annie Haslam's beautiful vocals and the excellent piano work.

music:Bjork, Homogenic
food: special K and 2% milk (yick)
read: a book on Michelangelo Buonarotti
sight: my room made messy by Cheryl and her four friends
random: I do not think black eyeliner looks good on men
Song Lyric:
All the accidents that happen / follow the dot /
coincidence makes sense / only with you

- Joga, Bjork