transfer interruputed!

September 4. 1999

This entry was supposed to be about my adjustment to college, getting used to dorm life, making new friends and living it up in Philadelphia. However, due to some unforseen circumstances, this is going to a Bethany Bitches entry.

To provide a background for this episode of Bethany Bitches, we must first get a history of her life on the internet. My family, after much delaying, finally got internet access in January of 1998. I was like a fish to water. I loved, and still love the internet. I've learned so much and made many valuable friendships over the net, plus I get to pump up my ego with this nifty little website. ;)

So when I get to Tyler on Thursday, I find out I cannot get my internet hooked up until Monday. Alright. No big deal, there are computers in the library, I can live without it for a couple of days. So come Monday, fresh out of a very boring 3-d Design Class where I was forced by the prof to use a radial saw, I went up to the second floor of Tyler hall, and got my ethernet access information and my email address (which is, btw, Alright. Cool. I go up to my little room, and go through the packet of information, blah de blah de blah, and.....

I am informed by my computer that it does not have an ethernet card.

This realization was followed by a string of expletives that nearly scared my friend Paul out of the room.

So I go back to the Masa, the guy in charge of internet accounts (who is, by the way, a very nice person with a charming Japanese accent. I'm not blaming him for this whole debacle...he was quite helpful. I am blaming the asses who designed the damn system) and he tells me he is so backed up that he can't possibly get my ethernet card installed for a couple weeks (there is, of course, no way on god's green earth I was going to attempt to do it myself).

a couple weeks???


I neeeeed my internet!!

Tyler's computer facilities are sorely lacking. There are exactly FOUR computers in the library (for a student body of 750) and not only are they nearly always busy, but, as anyone who has recieved email from me in the past week knows, the keys stick. First it was the return button. Then the space bar. Then I couldn't even get into Hotmail at one point.

Hotmail is another thing I had to suffer through. I HATE webmail. It bites the big one.

So. I tell Masa I can hook up through my phone line. Kewl. He gives me directions for this. I go home, follow directions, and actually get the thing to RING!! But there is no answer. I am beginning to think the gods don't want me to have internet access.

Back to Masa. I explain my problem, he realizes he gave me the wrong number to dial. He was nice about it I couldn't be pissed.

I dial, I get on the internet, I am happy. However, I still wanted to get the ethernet access (so people can actually call me on the phone once in a while) so I get the info. Turns out I have to fill out this registration form, send it to Temple's main campus, get it back, buy an Ethernet card ($53.50), get it installed, and then, only then, can I get Ethernet access.

My Point

Being able to get on the internet for a school as large and sophisticated as Temple University shouldn't be this hard. I should've been able to get on the first day, none of this registration crap, and blah blah blah. The way I see it is that I am paying for school now. They are taking my (well, actually my parents') money, and dammit, I want good service!

I'm done now. I promise the next update will be more interesting.

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food: ravioli
read: my 200 pound Art History textbook
random: happy 19th birthday to rock, yo. :)