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April 15. 2000

creepy and mysterious, uh huh....I called up my friend Kate mid-afternoon. It was one of those impulse things, there had been a tentatively planned cookout for some PGSAers at her place, but it kind of fell through and we ended up going out, just the two of us. Which ended up being a very nice thing, indeed.

The not so nice thing about it was having to drive all the way downtown (she lives nearly in South Philly so it's quite a haul from up near where I am) in the traffic and rain. Ugh. I was so not in the mood to drive AT ALL. I would take public transportation, but here is my dilemma in that regard. To get downtown, I would have to take the C Bus to Olney Terminal, which is in a not so nice neighborhood and not somewhere I would want to get caught in late at night. From there I would hop on the good ol' Broad Street Line, walk to her house, about 5 blocks or so. Problem with this is that I was planning on coming back late at night, and I did not want to be waiting at Olney for the bus to show up for god-knows-how-long (since I am not entirely sure what's the deal with the weekend bus schedules anyway). I could take the bus all the way downtown, but again, this would probably take close to an hour (versus 35-40 minutes in the car) and I am not sure of weekend bus schedules, as mentioned above.

If SEPTA could just extend the Broad Street Line up to say, Cheltenham Ave, near where I live, it would make my life so much easier. Is is so hard to ask for an nice public transportation system such as that in NYC? I have been on New York City Subways many times, I am surprised and delighted at the ease of transportation between and within the five boroughs. You people don't know how good you've got it.


But getting back to having a life. Kate and I went down to the bottom end of South Street (or should I say east, I guess) to Pizzeria Uno. I had the fleeting feeling of actually being young and hip for those few hours, walking through the streets, eating at a nice restaurant, talking and gossiping about (what else) boys. Yes, I know, I'm so boy-crazy, yeah, that's me. Such a flirt Bethany is. Overall, the food was good, the conversation and company was good, despite the loud drunk guys in the adjacent room (ahhh, the NFL draft, comes only once a year).

We also ended up driving through South Philly and Delaware Ave to find the supplies I needed. Kate was all too nice to oblige me a ride here and there. There was (get this) a 24 Hour Home Depot. Now, I can understand the need for a 24 Hour Wal-Mart. Maybe a 24 Hour Supermarket. Those are supermarkets and department stores, and the need for them 24 hours a day can certainly be justified. However, I find it hard to imagine some wannabe Tim Allen waking up at 2 am, and exclaiming to his sleeping wife, "Quick, honey, I need to go to Home Depot right now to get [insert some obscure piece of hardware here]". I mean, c'mon people. Kate and I were in there at around 10, and it was dead. Wal-Marts are creepy at 2 am (I can attest to this) but imagine being in a Home Depot at 2 am. Those slowly rotating fans, the dim fluorescent lights, the huge stacks of plywood bearing on down you. Gives you willies, doesn't it?

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