isn't it good, norwegian wood
April 17. 2000

someday, these will be betterI taped my 26x40 inch piece of 300 lb cold press watercolor paper up on the closet this evening to try to motivate myself. Instead, it taunts and teases me with its pristine unfilled whiteness. The longer this piece of paper remains in its present condition the less likely I am to earn an A from Chuck. Gradewise with in his class, he told me I am teetering on the edge of B+/A-, and the final self-portrait that will eventually fill said piece of paper is going to make the difference in my grade, apparently.

I seem to be doing really well this semester, surprisingly enough. I asked Rebecca to see my grades today, and I have straight A's for all my assignments. I also suspect I have something similar in 3d design, but Daniella is somewhat closed lipped about giving out grades. I hate when professors do that. IH, I'm guessing will be a B. Plus or minus, I know not. Art History, most likely A, since I nailed the midterm and the final and research paper will be cake, if I can get my shit together in time.

Other than that, it was a miserable cold rainy day. It's mid-April, I wish the weather could make up its mind. I ventured out late tonight to Rite Aid and it must have been 40 degrees out, with wind and rain. Yum.

I also went to the Post Office today. I was wondering why there was such a long line there, when I suddenly realized, oh...it's tax day. I normally hate going to this post office, because it's so ghetto and the people who work there are extremely rude. There is a barrier of thick bulletproof glass separating the waiting queue area and behind the counter. There's even this window you slide up, you push in your package, slide down the window and then the clerk on the other side of the counter slides open another window (only after your side is closed) and retrieves the package to weigh it, etc. While I can understand this precaution, what with so many people just randomly shooting postal workers, it was a mite ridiculous when these two little kids had to mail this package (they might have been 10 and 12, maybe) and the guy behind the counter absolutely had to make sure their side of the window was down before he dared open his side. It struck me as unnecessary and a bit stupid...who's going to be afraid of two little kids? Sheesh.

Taking leave of my senses:

  • sight: aforementioned watercolor paper
  • sound: someone in the dorms playing "Norwegian wood" on the French horn. Yes.
  • disc: Joni Mitchell, For the Roses
  • drink: 1 liter bottle of wild cherry Pepsi
  • eat: salt and vinegar pringles
  • smell: stale food. My room smells like stale food. yum.
  • annoyance: non-inspiration at crucial times.
  • must purchase soon: Hole, Live Through This, Moby, Play
  • quote: "If you love the law and love good sausage, don't watch either being made." - Betty Talmadge

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