hell is other people's crits
April 21. 2000

self portrait studyHad crits for our final project in 3d this morning. God, did it suck. Daniella was really tough on everyone, and pretty harsh to some people, stopping short of saying "this piece sucks."

She came down hard on certain people, I noticed, especially my friend Bob. She had worked hard on her piece and was really proud of it, and although it wasn't the most earth shattering piece of art ever created, it was well executed and well thought out.

Daniella absolutely ripped her apart, and it was painful to watch. There were pieces that were worse than hers, and obviously a lot less time was spent on them, but Daniella seemed to have some sort of vendetta against Bob. I watched Bob's face slowly crumble through the crit. After class, back in the dorm, I saw the remains of her piece were smashed into little bits outside her door.

I had hung up my piece, and the class was over in another part of the room, when I heard a loud bang come from where my piece was located. One of the boxes had fallen, and broken. I thought Epoxy was, like, a permanent bond. Fuck. This did not bode well.

I can't even say for sure if she liked my piece or not, we had to breeze right through it because time was running out. I couldn't help but feel kind of cheated. Come to think of it, I feel cheated for the entire damn course. I had to carry all my pieces from the semester back to my room, I plopped them in a pile and stared at them for a while. What a fucking miserable pile of junk it was. Looking at it, I felt like I had wasted a semester's time and energy on these half baked ill executed ideas. I had just carried this very heavy plastic across campus in the pouring rain, I was sleep deprived and the muscles in my arms were killing me, and I nearly lost it right there. I lay down miserably for a half hour before drawing class, spending a good ten minutes to find a position that was comfortable for my fucked up back. Half hour naps are the worst, it's like taking a sip of water after walking across the Sahara desert.

The drawing crit was less stressful, and despite being absolutely exhausted, I managed to stay awake. Overall, the drawings were a little weak compared to what I saw last semester from the same people. Mine turned out okay, I guess (see study for it at left). I managed to beat that 26x40 inch piece of 300lb cold press watercolor paper into submission, thankyouverymuch. I think it turned out well in general, although I still don't have a handle on color very well. There's a lot to learn about color, and I've really only begun, so the results are embryonic at best. But Chuck seemed to like it, as did everyone else.

Once home, I collapsed and slept for three and a half hours, only woken up by a huge storm, complete with thunder and lightening. I was also getting rained on very lightly (the window is right next to my bed). I then drove up on 309 to do some errands and get some dinner. I endured possibily the nastiest seafood and crab sandwich from Subway that I have ever eaten.

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