bust on bethany day
April 23. 2000

handI went up to Wilkes-Barre today for the familial Easter gathering at my grandparents' house. It was pretty special because this was the first time my grandparents were home for Easter in about ten years. They're usually still in Florida at this point. It was also pretty special because the words "Did you go to church this morning?" did not pass the lips of nary a Rusen or Jesikiewicz. This I was happy about, I wasn't in the mood to field questions about my (lack of) religious persuasions with anyone.

Instead, I was teased mercilessly by most of my family about the usual college things. Several hints were tossed my way about drinking (wink wink). Oh yeah, everyone knows I'm a big drinker. Nevermind I can count the number of times I've gotten drunk on one hand. Then my parents got on my case about eating right, exercising, enough sleep. I know I have to work on these things, but it annoys me when other people remind me of my current shortcomings. THEN I was chastised by my father for putting a piece of meat in my mouth that was a little too big for his liking. I stopped, kind of looked at him, trying to indeed confirm the fact that at age 19 I had just been yelled at for not cutting up my meat. Then he, along with my mother and grandmother, began getting on my case for the lack of green vegetables on my plate (yes, I like gravy and turkey. Alot. So sue me).


The only reason I can imagine for such abuse is that they were trying to get it all in at one time, because they don't see me very often.

But all in all, it was good to see my family again, especially my little cousins, which as adorable as ever. I sat with the grown-ups and indulged in grown-up conversation, all the while feeling like I wasn't quite being taken seriously. Smile, laugh, contribute amusing anecdote about college life. La de da de da.

The food was good as well, the usual quirky meal that marks our gatherings. Buffet style, with plastic and paper plates, the silverware stuck into plastic Coors mugs on the table. The food was standard fare, with the usually delicious ham. The ham is the crowning achievement of every meal by my grandmother. It was said meat that I was stuffing in my mouth when yelled at by my father. But oh...it melts in your mouth.

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