April 25. 2000

1. I pulled my first all nighter last night. Yes, I was an all nighter virgin, believe it or not, I'd managed to avoid it. Now, I have stayed up all night before, don't get me wrong, but it was always the case of doing little piddly tasks, working on the computer, cleaning, etc. But never have I pulled an all nighter in the sense that I was single mindedly devoted to one task the entire evening and night. In this case, it was my final project for 2d, which in my usual stupid fashion, left most of the work until the night before. I started at 6 pm last night, I finished at 7:45 this morning, 45 minutes before class, which was enough time for me to eat breakfast, stare blankly at the computer screen for a bit, and contemplate the numbness that had invaded most of my body at that point. I don't remember much of class, but I do know my book got a good response (despite the binding being fucked up because I glued it wrong).

2. Upon coming home from class, I collapsed into a sweet arc of sleep that lasted six hours, sleeping right through my doctor's appointment at 2 pm.

3. The reason I'm going to the doctor this time is because my heart is acting weird. I have a heart murmur, which in and of itself is apparently not a big deal, at least that's what everyone's been telling me, and I chose to believe it, for better or worse. Every so often I get these heart palpitations, it feels like my heart skips a beat. But this past weekend it happened A LOT, and it left me a little tight in the chest and nervous enough to seek out medical advice. Which of course is all for naught at this point because I slept through the appointment anyway.

4. At this moment (11:28 pm) my entire body is screaming in pain, especially my left tricep. I have no idea why. My back is fucked up as always, I still have problems finding a good position to sleep in.

5. I got "Midwestern Saturday Night" by Susan Werner in the mail yesterday, and I really like it. She continually amazes me, especially her voice. So smooth and beautiful, with such character and wit. It's her first album, and I like her later ones better, but wow. Still pretty impressive. If things work out, I should be seeing her twice this summer, in places small enough that I will hopefully be able to meet her and tell her how amazing I think she is.

6. Against my better judgement, I ate some deep fried mozzerella sticks a few hours ago. I can still feel them sitting in a lump in my stomach.

7. I wanted to do laundry tonight, but I was completely unable to locate any quarters within a one mile radius. Don't worry, I can wear the same clothes two days in a row. No problem.

8. It was really nice day out today. I just slept through most of it.

9. The 16 ounce bottle of pepsi in the fridge is calling my name.

10. No image in this entry, sorry. My efforts for a visual element in these entries have grown increasingly pathetic during the past few weeks, so I've discontinued it until next week when I have access to the digital camera and these words will once again be graced with my lovely visage (ha).

11. I'm pretty fucking lucky. For many reasons.

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