lazy day (in annotated list form)
April 27. 2000

  • mood: cool, ironic and detached.
  • food: golden delicious apple.
  • lewd: never.
  • crude: when necessary.
  • sued: my dad was, once. it was dropped, I believe.
  • chewed: aforementioned apple.

    1. I had absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to go today. Well, maybe not, I'm sure I could've started digging through IH for next week's final, but seeing as that would have effectively put me in a shitty mood for the rest of the day, I decided not to. I woke up at 11, having gone to sleep at 1 am, so I was extremely well rested. Which is something I definitely needed, because I'm still recovering from that all nighter on Tuesday.

    2. As of 9 pm yesterday, I never have to work in the computer lab in Penrose Hall EVER AGAIN.

    3. I downloaded Tori Amos' new song "Carnival" from the Mission Impossible 2 Soundtrack today. For those of you interested, it can be found here. I like it a lot, it sounds like most of the stuff from To Venus and Back.

    4. In other music news, I am seriously digging Rasputina. I downloaded some mp3s of them (god bless Napster), and wow...freaky freaky shit. Who knew three chicks with cellos could be this cool? By the way, their website really sucks. Don't go there. What's with all these obscure titles, nonsensical organization and hidden links? Arrgh.

    5. Burnt myself with the glue gun today. It blistered.

    6. I have been designated a creative person in Megan's journal. Thank you. Should I put this on my resume, I wonder... Also, read her rant on pseudo-creativity in the same entry. It's quite amusing.

    7. I fully realize this list format is simply an excuse to write whatever comes into my head, and not having to worry about structure, syntax or how my thoughts flow together. Therefore, I am ending it now.


    I have two final crits tomorrow (FYI: final crits = final exams at an art school). 3d design at 9, and Drawing at 2:15. Wish me luck, I guess. I feel as ready as I'm going to be. There was really no new work that needed to be done, just repairs on the piece for 3d that fell and putting some finishing touches on my self portrait that Chuck suggested in last week's crit. So no all nighter tonight, thank god.

    I can't predict what my grades are going to be in these classes. In 3d, Daniella will probably be her usual obtuse vague self, and not give me the slightest inkling of how I'm doing, and I will probably only find out mid-June when I log on to Temple's website to find out my grades. Ignorance is not bliss, fucker. Drawing, I know I'm between an A- and B+.

    So I am getting closer and closer to the reality that my entire first year of college will be over. Wow. How the hell did this happen, and how did it happen so damn fast? I look back over the time since September, it seems like it happened in the blink of an eye. All the experiences, the happiness, the misery, seem to blur together into a mishmash that, looking at it as a whole, I'm not sure I'm happy with. In some ways, I feel like I'm making progress, like in my art. In other ways, I feel like I'm stuck in one place or even going backward, like trying to relate to people and actually have a social life. I do feel like I know myself better now than I did in September. I know what makes me tick, I know what works, I know what I like and know how to sabotage myself.

    Can I just have all answers now, please?

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