final crits, day 1
April 28. 2000

10:22 am.

I just got back from my 3d final crit, and I got an A (!!!!!!!!).

It really couldn't have gone better. Daniella apparently really liked my work, she thought I had good craftsmanship and ideas, and that I "really had something to say with my art." Well. If someone could tell me what that something is, I'd be thrilled to death.

We had a really nice little talk about where my interests lie and what classes I should be taking next year, and what I possibly was interested in as a career. Of course, as always, her bias leaned toward metals and CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Design-Computer Aided Manufacturing), sometimes almost to the point of snobbery. "Well, I think ceramics and drawing and painting are wonderful, but you already know how to do it. But if you take metals and CAD-CAM, you can do all sorts of wonderful things, like product design, blah blah, etc etc." It gets a little tiring, honestly, the way she puts down other departments,especially the one near and dear to my heart and the one I plan on majoring in. The metals and CAD-CAM and graphic design departments are all interrelated at Tyler, and they are the big fish, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. They wield the power at the school, they're what Tyler is known for, and people come from around the world just to take classes in these departments. Geez. No wonder there's this inborn snobbery.

She was surprised and rather delighted, I think, to hear that I know how to do html (however limited) and have my own webpage. Thank God she didn't ask for the url. That would have been bad bad bad. I also impressed her with my intentions to learn style sheets and javascripting. Woohoo!

Anyway, that's all for now. Just wanted to share my joy. Drawing at 2:15, I'll update this entry after that.

2:56 pm.

I finally got to the doctor today, after sleeping through Tuesday's appointment. She surmises the heart palpatations are from stress over crits and my high consumption of caffiene (i.e., at least two 16 ounce bottles of Pepsi per day. Yes, I know. It's sick and disgusting and must stop). So her directions are to relax, lay off the soda, and to cart my little self off to the emergency room should I get lightheaded or pass out from the heart palpatations. Oh yes, the emergency room. They know me well there. We're all best buddies at Abington Memorial.

10:51 pm (after 5 hour nap and several long phone calls)

I had to literally run from my doctor's appointment to get to my drawing crit on time. Being late for a crit, let alone missing it, is a very very bad thing. I ran in the door, and Chuck looked up. "Right on time," he remarked. Once I had regained my breath and little spots had disappeared from my eyes, I hung up my stuff and spread out the rest out on the tables. Chuck prowled around, looking at everything, and I followed close behind him, feeling a bit like a puppy. He stopped here and there, and finally reclined against one of tables, and if trying to come to some sort of decision. He said I had done a really terrific job this semester, and that I was very strong drawer and colorist (get that!). "I think you would be a really good painter," he said. "And I really want you to take my painting class next year during the fall semester. I know by now it's full, but if you come to me the first week of school next year, I'll sign the paper and make an exception for you. Because I think you could be really good for the class." I kinda stared at him for a minute, not fully realizing the huge compliment he was paying me by saying this. The funny thing is, I don't paint. I never really got into it too much because I was too distracted by ceramics and everything else. And that he thought I had potential as a painter by looking at the color work I did in drawing class...well, wow. I'm completely blown away by this.

I don't know what grade I got in the class, but I'm fairly sure it'll be an A, after all this. *grin*

I really think I might have to take it. Chuck pointed this out and it does make sense...I'm taking all crafts courses the first semester, maybe I should try to balance it out a little more. Plus I wanted to take some graphic design courses as well...arrgh. I can already see this ceramics thing starting to fall by the wayside, and I'm not sure I like that.

So can I just stay in college for the rest of my life? Is that okay?

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