ranting and raving
April 3. 2000

blue tree, by meWell, my morning class was cancelled for today. I guess I have no excuse. I have nothing to write about either, since most of the day has not happened yet. All I've done so far is get up, walk halfway to class, go home, swear at my scanner and contemplate a nap, which is what every other sane person in my class is doing at this very moment. But no. I bring you all entertainment in the form of my insignificant life.

I was killing time in Rite Aid on Saturday (because Rite Aid is the best place to kill time in, I know), and I picked up the latest Rolling Stone. From this issue I gleaned many things, a lot more than I expected to from an issue of Rolling Stone. One, that the music industry has really gone down the shitter. It's really, really bad, folks. The shit that we, as the American public, are being fed as "music" (see: Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys and any other clone boy band, Christina Aguiliera, etc.) is really sad. It's also sad because there's a whole world of music out there that people simply aren't aware of. There's no respect for what has come before. To most people my age, music started with Nirvana, and anything else that came before it isn't worth their time. I could rant on and on about this, but what's the point? Nothing's going to change anytime soon. Meanwhile, I will hoard my Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald records and be happy.

Second, they had an interesting article on the rise and fall of John McCain. Which got me thinking about another completely screwed up thing in our society, politics. The article took an interesting approach in that it was trying to find out why my demographic (ie, the Young Voter) is so apathetic when it comes to voting. I don't think I'm apathetic...unlike most of my peers, I've actually registered to vote. As to who I'm going to vote for...well, even though I lean toward Democrat, something about McCain definitely interested me. Of course, he's history now, so all that's left is Dubya and Stiff Al, neither of which really appeal to me all that much. I was interested in Al for a while, but god...he's just as boring as everyone else. Still, he's worlds better than his opponent. Dubya I won't even get into, only to comment that I've been observing an interesting phenomena. Everyone (and I mean everyone) I've talked to has said what an asshole he is, how he doesn't have the skills to be president, how he's a priviledged president's son, etc etc...which leaves me wondering...


Maybe I'll vote for the Green Party. I dunno. Alicia suggested I vote Libertarian. She cocked her head and looked at me and said, "Yeah, you look like a Libertarian." What is a Libertarian supposed to look like, anyway?

There was a really nice article on Joni Mitchell. At least that made it worth it.

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