leaving soon

August 24. 2000

more moving:

i love my mommy

My mom holding one of her flowers. this really captures her essence.


the truck

the rented truck


loading stuff into it.

loading stuff into it.

I'm trying to figure out what exactly happened to me this summer.

It literally feels like yesterday when I got home, unpacked everything, and settled into the summer, with all sorts of grand plans for myself (which included a self-portrait series, clay reliefs of myths and legends, scanning and organizing my family's photo albums digitally, and of course, redesigning this site), none of which got done. And almost four months has past in a flash, and I have nothing to show for it except some unpleasant but rapidly fading memories of the job from hell, and of course, this website, which recorded it all.

My mom came to me a few days ago and said, "Can we repaint your room?" I was horrified. I love how my room is painted. I did it three summers ago, in 1997. They told me I'd hate it in a few months, that it was too dark and would make my room seem small. But after three years, in spite of my often oscillating tastes, I still love it. My only regret is that there are no stars on the ceiling. I got bored with stenciling and never bothered to finish it.

It wasn't so much that I was upset with the fact that I would be losing my wonderful star studded walls, it's because I knew if the walls were painted over, it wasn't my room anymore. It means that I'll leaving for good. Last year, when I was leaving for the dorms, my bed and my furniture was still in my room, the walls would remain starry, and I knew I'd be coming back for winter break and the summer. But now I go up into my room, it's almost completely empty. And I look at it and know I'm leaving.


Most of today was spent doing all the heavy lifting, moving my bed and my bureau downstairs, and piling all the furniture that was in the basement into the rented truck. My parents did their usual stress out thing, muttering and yelling and generally making a bigger deal of things than was necessary. All three of us sweated and drank tons of diet coke.

It looks as if the phone and internet are going to be installed in my apartment with little difficulty. The Verizon strike is over, which I am very pleased about, and the phone should be working by 5 pm Monday, and I am all ready to dial up to the internet shortly thereafter. So there will probably be no updates until at least then, but I will be taking pictures of the move and the new place, so that's something to look forward to.

I got the job at Barnes and Noble. Starting Monday, I will be whipping out all sorts of cappuccinos and lattes at the Cafe, using Starbucks coffee, no less. I had requested to work in Music, but there were no positions available. But working in the Cafe is fine with me. I told my mother today that if working at a coffee bar doesn't turn me into a coffee drinker, nothing will. The only pain is that I had to buy some button down white shirts for the job, since that's the uniform.

Well, that will be all for a while. Next time I write I'll be safely ensconced in my new apartment in Philadelphia. Cheers.

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