August 4. 2000

In one of those occasional spasms of my social life, I'm going to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. At the end of work today, Mike, the guy Dani's dating, came up to us and asked if we wanted to go to Inner Harbor tomorrow. Out the window flew my relaxing weekend, but I wasn't too upset. I have a life! I have a life!

I haven't been to Baltimore Aquarium since I was about 11. It's a beautiful place, as unmistakable a landmark to Baltimore as the Sydney Operahouse is to Australia. From what I remember, it looks like a large isoceles triangle sitting right next to the water. I remember going with all my friends in 5th grade (it was the class trip for that year), and riding mini speedboats in the harbor and eating at the Top of the World restaurant, which is on the top floor of a nearby skyscraper. The rest of Inner Harbor has great restaurants and shops and all sorts of things to do. And it's supposed to be a beautiful day tomorrow.

I wish I had my digital camera. Abe's of Maine called today and said it would arrive in a week to ten days. Bah. Then they tried to sell me memory cards and batteries. I said no, I had found them at better prices elsewhere. I hate pushy salespeople...if I had wanted memory cards and batteries, I would have ordered them, right?

But at least I am bringing the borrowed Fuji camera, which will have to do for the time being. I don't know if I can get any good pictures, but I'll try.

Anyway, I have to get up at 7 tomorrow morning, so it's practically like a weekday anyway. But instead of going to the job-from-hell, I'm going to have a life. Yeehaw.