August 5. 2000

Daniside view window

It was such a beautiful day today. Dani and I drove down to Harrisburg to meet up with Mike and everyone else we were going with, which consisted of Mike, Mike's roommate Scott, Mike's brother Butch (I never did find out his real name) and Butch's girlfriend Randi. Butch is a stockbroker in New York City, and Randi is from Long Island, with the most amusing accent. For a bunch of people who had never met before, we all got along really well.

Me and Dani rode with Scott in his ghetto little Jeep, and everyone else went in Mike's car. Scott unzipped the back and side "windows", and proceeded to go about 90 mph on Route 83. Yeesh.

downtown Baltimoreharbor


The sky was beautiful to look at.

flagsThe aquarium and the harbor

The harbor was very crowded, with rented paddleboats and mini speedboats making little orange dots all over the blue water, with bigger sailboats and cruise boats parked on the docks. I spotted several weddings, and there were street performers and music.

Barnes and Noble

The Barnes and Noble in Baltimore was insane. I think the building it was in used to be some sort of power plant, because inside were all these industrial-looking riveted columns, and all this raw, exposed brickwork. It was three floors, a large steel column going up through the middle of the store, with the escalators running around it. Wow.

Once inside, the guys of the group made a beeline for the magazine rack (Butch went for the Wall Street Journal, Mike went for the surfer magazines), and we girls made a beeline for the bathroom. I didn't get much of a chance to look around the store, but there were comfortable arm chairs and tables to sit and read at. One man was even doing some charcoal sketches of the steel pillars in the middle of the building.

the dolphin show

The aquarium was extremely crowded, so much so that at times I could barely move. I couldn't get any pictures inside the aquarium because it's almost dark in there. They had some very nice exhibits, but I think I was more impressed when I went there in 5th grade. Still, it was amusing when Mike spotted a Muslim woman dressed from head to toe in a long black dress, covering all but her eyes. He nudged Dani.

"Hey, it's an Imperial Soldier!" he said.

As politcally incorrect as it was, she did look like something out of Star Wars, and Dani and I burst out laughing. Mike and Scott continued to make lightsaber sounds whenever she came near, which had us hysterical.


There was a vehicle fire on 83 right on the Maryland/Pennsylvania border, and we were stuck sitting still for about a half hour. There were lots of wild flowers planted on the wide median between the roads, and I got out and made a futile attempt to pick a sunflower. It was so strong and thick that all I could manage to do was pull it out by the roots.

If any of you were wondering what Dani is like, these two above pictures describe her better than I ever could.