burnt into my head

february 12. 2000

another 2d color studyI sat in front of a computer for four hours straight today. It may have been the result of me still recovering from whatever I am sick from, but two hours into my four hour shift my eyes started crossing and burning and a dull ache spread from my neck to the back of my head to the front of my head. I don't think I could ever hold down a 9-5 desk job sitting in front of a computer, I just don't think I have the stamina or the patience. I'm more of a hands on person (do, don't think, right?), and while the digital media can produce some enormously satisfying results for me, it can only take me so far until I start wishing that I could hold some of these things and make them tangible, rather than them just being pixels on a screen.

I debated whether I should even go to work today, but I felt fine when I left at Noon, although my 2:30 I felt like ass. It complicated things a little that my 3d teacher, Daniella, walked in, saw me there, and inquired why I wasn't in class yesterday and the day before. I explained I had been sick, but I had a doctor's note, etc etc. Although she didn't say anything, there was the implication of, "well, if you're sick, why are you here?"

Cause I need the money. Dream Theater concerts don't pay for themselves. *sigh*

Mommy called me last night and expressed her usual motherly concern about my condition. She thought I might have strep and/or mono. I highly doubt it, but I think I'm going to go back to the nurse on Monday anyway, because if you think about it, the fact that she didn't test for strep is pretty anomalous.

It's continually weird for me that my parents read my journal. I get emails from them at work telling me how great it is, and even one from my Dad last week after he read an entry, yelling at me to take care of myself, eat right, get exercise, usual fatherly, constructive type stuff (*wink*). No other journallers I know have their parents, and god forbid, even their grandparents occasionally reading the unbosomings of their soul. I love that word, unbosomings. I have also made a pact with myself to use the phrase "fuck if I know" more often, because I sounds incredibly cool when I do so. The rents would disagree of course, but they're allowed.