pre-Dream Theater

february 25. 2000

an accidental pictureThe bus ride up to NYC was rather hellish. I knew it would be crowded, because it was 5 pm on a Friday afternoon, but I didn't expect it to be this arduous.

I happened to pick the seat in front of three young, antsy children whose parental supervision was several seats in front of me and was so preoccupied with an infant that she had little time to attend to the older children. At this point, I had had approximately 10 hours of sleep over the last three nights, so I was looking forward to a nice two hour nap on bus. No such luck. Plus it was a Peter Pan bus, which of course meant the usual cheesy movie during the trip. In this case, it was the "Out of Towners" with Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin.

Traffic was bad on the New Jersey Turnpike, so it took three hours to get to NYC instead of the prescribed two. By the time I arrived at Port Authority, I was tired, hungry and ready to jump out of my skin. All I could do was lean on Dave's shoulder and complain.

Back at Dave's apartment, we ordered in some bacon cheeseburgers from a Kosher deli called Sarge's. There was some pretty weird shit on the menu, everything from chicken livers to tongue. Stuff normal people just don't eat. It took me a while just to find something I liked, but artery clogging red meat is always a good thing for me.

On Saturday afternoon, we were off to Penn Station to collect Scott. I only know him from Really Deep Thoughts Right Now, the Tori Amos mailing list, but Dave knew him from the Ystejam Dream Theater mailing list. We found him, and after some cordial handshakes and the usual pleasantries, we walked back toward Dave's apartment. We stopped at Reuben's to eat, and I for once did not get a reuben, but got some chili that ended up being kind of icky. We talked, and had a great time. Scott took some pictures, including a couple of me, which I suspect will end up on his website sometime soon.

It's always odd meeting people you already know online, either through their journal (in Scott's case) or through a mailing list, which is the case of the RDTRNers I've met. You know all this stuff about their life, how they're feeling, yet you don't know them. Scott, fortunately, ended up being a very nice lad. I wish I could have spent more time with him and got to know him better. Of course, I would have found a way to gush about how great I think his site is and what an excellent writer I think he is, so maybe it was for the best. I didn't want to come across as some kind of psycho stalker from hell.

After killing some time at Dave's, we got a cab uptown to the Roseland Ballroom. This ended up being harder than normal because there were all these demonstrations going on near Times Square because of the Diallo trial verdict that was announced on Friday afternoon. A black man was shot by four white police officers (sound vaguely familiar?), and they were found all not guilty. I hadn't even known about this until Dave informed me on Friday night. Sometimes it seems like the world is going crazy.