february 9. 2000

sick little girl.A couple weeks ago I was in the cafeteria and I distinctly remember saying to someone, "Wow, I haven't been sick yet this winter, knock on wood." Well, the fucking tabletop must have been masonite or something, because here I am, sick as a dog.

I was feeling like ass last night, and went to sleep rather early. I got up, feeling pretty good, took a shower, and went to work at the computer lab. There things slowly deteriorated. My bad mood was exacerbated by the numbskulls in the computer lab who couldn't figure out how to use a scanner and other basic pieces of hardware. All the freshman classes were doing Adobe Dimensions, which is a program I really hate and don't have a lot of knowledge in, so it was frustrating because I wasn't able to help anyone out too much. The zip drives on several of the computers decided to malfunction, which was just lovely. The perils of public computers.

At the end of my shift, I decided to go to the nurse instead of art history, and she looked me over and concluded I did indeed have "at least a cold, possibly the flu." I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow for 2:00, which has me getting out of drawing class. I'm debating whether I should even go to classes tomorrow, and maybe try to rest up instead of doing the usual run myself into the ground routine. I really hate to miss Chuck's class, because there's so much packed into those few hours that it's hard to make it up.

Well, on those few sour notes, I do have some good things to report. Yesterday, I was accepted into my first webring, On Display! I was absolutely elated, because of all the webrings I've applied to, this is the one I wanted to get into the most. It's not just a stagnant webring, either, there are group projects, a mailing list for members and monthly collaboration entries where someone picks a topic and each one of the members of the ring has to write an entry on that topic. Then they put the link to each member's entry on the page of the webring, so everyone can read everyone else's entry. Ain't that cool? Anyway, check out the page and hopefully my face will be up in the gallery of members some time soon.

I finally got to spend my Waldenbooks gift card on Sunday when I was up in Plains to visit my grandparents and the rest of the family. I had already picked out a nice hardbound version of "To Kill a Mockingbird", when I spotted a book called "The Joni Mitchell Companion". Because books on Joni are so scarce, I snapped this one up right away. It's a book of articles and interviews with her, from 1965 to present, and I absolutely love it. It's given me a good overview of her entire career. By the way, new Joni album out yesterday!!! It's called "Both Sides, Now". I bought the limited edition one that comes in a lovely little case with four lithographs of Joni's paintings. Yummm.

It was unseasonably warm today. The weather continues to do its seesaw thing, going from warm to cold to warm to cold again. I wish it would make up its mind and be spring already. I've had enough of winter. There's something about a large city like Philadelphia that immediately ruins a beautiful snowball by rendering it gravelly, black and dirty. Back in Lebanon, the snow stays nice for a while. The street I live on is quiet and ends in a cul-de-sac, so it's usually one of the last roads to get plowed. Winter is nice, but I'm ready for spring already. It's funny how near the end of each season I long for the next one to start.