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January 7. 2000

watercolor stainFirst and foremost, my little sister, Lauren, made regional chorus!!!!!!

Not only is this amazing in and of itself, but the fact that she is only a sophomore and a soprano 1 makes it all the more impressive.

Last night, I finally talked to my Mom about all the transferring schools nonsense. In my experience, when you want something or want to talk about something in the Rusen household, you always go to Mom first. Mostly due to my father's temper and his tendency to jump the gun in many situations, it's usually a good idea to hit up Mom first.

She didn't seem too surprised by the whole notion, to my surprise. I explained to her all my ideas, about going to somewhere in NYC or elsewhere in Philadelphia, and how I hated the situation at Tyler, and she was receptive, as usual. She didn't give me any answers, of course, but I didn't expect that. I just need a change. I don't feel like I'm in the right place right now. But who knows if I go somewhere else that I won't be unhappy there too? I'm really confused, but I do know that something has to give.

I didn't do much today. Got up way too late, got a few chores done, fooled around on the computer, and then went out to see "Man on the Moon" with my Dad. It was in this little tiny matchbox theater, and like every Friday night, there were scads of preteens in large groups in the theater. In this particular case, they decided to be loud and obnoxious. Then after the movie was over, one of them had the balls to come up to my Dad and say, "Sorry we were so loud and obnoxious." Although I can appreciate the apology, it seems like it would have been a better idea just to shut up in the first place.

All that crap aside, the movie was really...odd. Not in the way it was filmed, because, to me, that aspect seemed pretty conventional, but rather its subject matter and the issues it raised. Is life all a performance, just an illusion? I drew a lot of comparisons in this film with "The Truman Show". And I will say that I now have enormous respect for Jim Carrey as an actor and performer. He's come a long way since "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective", and although I can't say he deserves an Oscar or anything of that sort, he has earned my admiration. The person who I saw on the screen was not Jim Carrey, he WAS Andy Kauffman. To see an actor disappear into a character like that, especially an actor as popular as Carrey, is always a thrill.

I also informally applied for a summer job today, too. One of my Dad's friends (disturbing that I've always had jobs that my Father has helped me get) runs a cafe in Palmyra, and they're opening a new location in Hershey, and they're going to need some new people. The good thing is that they start above minimum wage, and I would be able to get 40+ hours a week, which is what I really need. The bad thing is that Hershey is 25-30 minutes away, and I don't know how I feel about driving that far every day for work. I don't know if I can justify the expense for gas and whatnot. Well, whatever happens on that front, I need to make a shit load of money this summer. I'm going to keep trying to make and sell pottery, but not at the intensity I was last summer. I've learned from that mistake already.

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all my life is on me now / hail the pages turning
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