just another pork barbecue

July 12. 2000

I worked out again today. I felt like I was in the zone, or at least approaching it. I even ran into an acquaintance from high school at the YMCA. The first thing I thought when I saw her was "Wow, she's gained a lot of weight!" and then that pesky little voice in my head said, "Well, Bethany, so have you." Doh.

Of course, my plan to get in shape was further derailed by my father, who was dead set on going to a place in Lebanon called Big Daddy's, which specializes in pork barbecue and ribs, among other things. I don't think I've ever had pork barbecue in my life. I looked up at the menu, dumbfounded, and I heard my Dad say, "I'll have the special." So I went with that too. The special was a small sandwich and fries. Well, that doesn't sound too bad. I can handle that.

The place was fairly new, with a TV mounted on the wall. One wall was taken up by a fresh looking mural of a pig and chicken enthusiastically tearing into ribs and pork barbecue. Another entire wall was taken up by large refrigerators stocked with beer of every brand and size, from 12 packs to 40s. Dad got out a Yuengling, and I searched the fridge for beverages of the non-alcoholic persuasion. I finally found a couple cokes tucked into a corner.

We got the food in short order, and I nearly shit myself. The meal was served in two of those plastic baskets with wax paper lining. The "small" sandwich was a hoagie size bun overflowing with pork barbecue. I had to actually eat some off the top before I could even pick up the sandwich. It was good, excellent, in fact. I had ordered spicy but it was a little bland. The second plastic basket was filled with fries. Christ. I was going to have to work out for three weeks to get rid of this.


I've decided I'm going back to NYC sometime in early August to continue my photographic exploration of the NYC subways. I wasn't very satisfied with the pictures I took two weeks ago (the best ones were in the entry, and there were only about 10 of them), but this was mostly my fault, because I completely ignored the fact that I need to change the aperture and shutter speed every time I take a picture. I guess I'm too used to instant, auto-everything cameras. Half the roll couldn't even be developed because, on inspection of the negatives, they were just too thin and would have come out all dark.

So, next time the rule is F1.4 and like a half a second. Dumb camera. Or should I say dumb photographer.

Speaking of cameras, look who finally learned how to use that digital camera:

I look all deep and mysterious, but this is very misleadingi smile stupid

I look like a goddamn floating head. This is why I don't like this camera.