prelude to boredom

July 15. 2000

This morning before work Kelly, Dani and I gathered for breakfast as planned. We had originally planned on going to Heisey's Diner, this little diner on Route 72, but since it was crowded, we went to a place called Miller's Restaurant farther up on 72.

It looked like it had been a house converted into a very small diner. Very small. Maybe 10 booths, all of which were filled when we came in, so we had to sit in a small adjacent area near the back. The walls were wood paneling, and were adorned with small crosses, bible verses and embroidery. The booth seats were covered with a bright turquoise vinyl, which was worn and tearing in places. All of the tables and the bar were covered with faded formica. The coffee was bad, the food greasy and the soda watered down. But I was served a heaping plate of pancakes with syrup, three strips of bacon and two sodas for a mere $3.50. My meal was rung up on a cash register that looked like it was about 70 years old, and as I glanced up, I saw family and baby pictures on the shelves behind the bar. Despite its hokiness, the place had a certain charm to it.

I also managed to get pictures of Dani and Kelly, although Dani couldn't seem to keep her eyes open whenever I snapped the shutter (as it were, since it's a digital camera).


I won't even get into how much work sucked. Of course, it sucked since it was a Saturday, but it sucked even more because I sat around for the majority of the time I was at the warehouse. Someone somewhere in management must have miscalculated, because I worked for the first hour and a half I was there, and then sat around for the remaining 4 and a half hours. There just wasn't any work to be done, the shift that had come in before us at 1 am on Saturday had gotten more done than they thought. So the rest of the day consisted of Dani, Kelly and I finding a comfortable box to sit on and trying to kill time in a variety of ways. Sure, we were getting overtime pay, but spending Saturday sitting on my ass in a computer parts warehouse was not a picnic.

I spent most of the evening stripping four chairs that are going to be in my apartment. This was before:

the chairs before

They all had a layer of sickly salmon pink paint, and underneath a coat of white, and underneath that a dark stain. In addition, one was covered with faux fur (glue gunned and stapled to the chair - that was a joy to remove, let me tell you), and the other with spraypainted zebra stripes, both done by me a couple years ago. Dad and I used an excellent paint stripper that took off the paint very easily, but it was caustic and fumes were enough to make me lightheaded several times. It was really hard work, but we managed to get all four done tonight. After:

the chairs after

I can't wait to paint them. I'm trying to decide if I just want to paint patterns on them, or actually do some sort of picture or landscape. The other art teacher my Dad works with had her students paint famous works of art by Picasso, Matisse, and Van Gogh on the top of the stools in the art room, and they turned out really awesome. However, that might require time I don't have, and if they turned well, I'd be almost afraid to sit on them.