familial gathering

July 16. 2000

The extended family decided to show up today, under the pretext of a couple of missed birthdays (my sister's, and my cousin's, I think).

I would have had a nice time, if my body hadn't suddenly decided to self-destruct on me. My allergies haven't been this bad for at least two or three years. I was trying to figure out the source, until Grammy suggested it might have been the paint remover I was using yesterday. I could have very well been, even though the reaction was delayed. I can't imagine how many of my brain cells died for the purpose of stripping those chairs.

So now I have a dull headache (I'm sure the fact that I'm listening to "Mer De Noms" by A Perfect Circle very very loud isn't helping the situation, either) and no appetite (despite being surrounded by mounds of good food prepared for the occasion).

EricUncle Jim

These two are father and son. Who would have guessed.

I did finally get my long awaited cds in the mail yesterday. Three of them, since I tend to let what I want kind of build up, and then order them all at once, instead one at a time. You can save on shipping, definitely. They were A Perfect Circle, Mer De Noms, En Vogue, Masterpiece Theater, and Living Colour, Time's Up.

I had heard Mer De Noms on the little listening station at our crappy local branch of the Wall, and was instantly hooked. I had heard all sorts of good things about it, and even though I am not a Tool fan, I bought it anyway. If you want to read an excellent stream of conciousness review piece about the album, go here. It's on Beth Winegarner's excellent page. I strongly suggest you check out the rest of her writing, too.

Masterpiece Theatre was one of the albums Dave played for me when I was visiting him two weeks ago in NYC. I'm not a big into the whole r&b/rap realm (I think I've listened to too much Whitney Houston, if you ask me), but this album was excellent as well. Boy, can these girls sing.

Time's Up I already had on tape, but since tapes have an extremely short life on the floor of my car, I got myself a digital copy. It's hard to describe Living Colour...kind of progressive rhythm and blues with a strong political bent. Very upbeat, with clever lyrics and songwriting, with the excellent guitar work of Vernon Reid.


Kelly and Amy, my ever adorable cousins.

So I have to go back to work tomorrow. I mourn my lost weekend. At least I'm taking Tuesday off for a doctor's appointment. I know taking a whole day off isn't necessary for an 11 o'clock appointment, but gosh darn it, I need it. It's now 8:00 pm, and I'll probably be going to sleep in two hours or so. After this summer, college is going to seem like a vacation.

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