i'm really boring

July 9, 2000

I realized this weekend that I am an extremely boring person.

Want to hear about my weekend? Read, slept, surfed the web, worked on various web projects, cleaned up the studio. I did not leave the house this weekend, except to drive my sister to work. I am still wearing the same shirt I was on Friday.

Most people my age find me boring and completely uncool, which explains why I tend to gravitate to people considerably older than myself. At least with that there's no posturing and need to prove yourself. That's something I hate about people my age...always this need to prove your social position and identity. Something that I just never had the patience or energy to attempt.

I think I'm pretty interesting to the people who know me well. But as for making idle conversation with people I don't know particularly well, I suck at it. I tend to get nervous and clam up. I just don't think I'm good at casual relationships. It's either all or nothing, which is why I think I've scared so many people away. I have an annoying tendency to want to tell people everything about myself, which is just not a good idea, for me or for them.

Maybe that's why I keep this journal....


I have a borrowed digital camera to play around with that I am disappointed with, for the most part. It's a Fujifilm MX-1200, and although I really like the data transfer method (SmartMedia card), the pictures it takes in low level light (even with flash) are dark and almost unrecognizable. So I don't think I'll be investing in this model any time soon. I've read so many web FAQs on digital cameras, but I still don't feel like I know what I'm looking for, which is why I didn't buy a camera last weekend.

While at J&R Computer in NYC, I found myself drooling over the Nikon Coolpix 990. It's so completely yummy, but out of my price range, unless I win the lottery sometime soon. That's my dream camera, but I think I better settle for something a little more realistic.


So The Centralia Project is FINALLY up, after much blood, sweat, tears and mental torture. Go check it out. Next major project is the redesigning of this site, which is long overdue. Hopefully it will be up in time for Hejira's 1st anniversary on August 23rd.