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June 8. 2000

1. I had thought I was going to rewrite or change Monday's entry in some way, but I think I'm just going to let it be. On a related subject, I think this site is stagnating a bit, it's not as good as it could be, and I can't figure out why. And now I'm starting to second guess myself, should I write, or should I just delete it...on and on. It's really been driving me crazy. My whole life is driving me crazy.

2. Work is going okay. Bearable. I've managed to injure myself in several ways already, but this isn't too surprising considering my general klutziness. I tripped over a box yesterday and now have a large multicolored bruise on my shin to show for it. I also have a cut on my arm from my first day that I think is going to scar. Ew.

3. I got a call last Thursday, it looks like I'm going to be in the Mt. Gretna art show again. I was in it two years ago, and I thought the policy was you could only be in it once, and that was it, but apparently they're bending the rules for me and my friend Willow, so I'm in. I'm really looking forward to it. Two years ago I didn't really know what I was doing, but now I feel a lot more confident, both in my art and in my salesmanship skills.

I have a lot of ideas for what I'm going to do, both clay work and otherwise. I think I'm going to focus on doing some large clay tiles, hopefully with terra cotta, but right now all I have is white clay so I'm going to have to either use that first or buy some terra cotta. But I think I want them to be narrative, to tell a story, maybe some sort illustration of myths and legends. I can't articulate my ideas much beyond that yet, but I'll keep you posted.

I also have to strip and repaint some chairs downstairs that are going to be in my apartment come fall. They were the chairs from our kitchen at our old house, and are painted this sallow pink color. There are four of them, one I spraypainted with black and white zebra stripes, and the other is covered with fake fur caked with little bits of clay. I have to remove the fur, which, being hot glued, is going to be quite a chore. But I'm looking forward to painting them. I don't know how yet, but I want them funky and colorful.

4. I went over to my friend John's house yesterday for a little while, and we watched "Run Lola Run", which is a film I absolutely adore. I think it's quite brilliant and different from anything I've seen in a while. Kind of like an extended MTV video. John decided to smoke, and that coupled with his neurotic dog jumping all over me, really made it hard for me to breathe. There were some scary light headed moments there, but once I stepped outside I felt okay.

5. Why am I watching Cruel Intentions?

6. I didn't know Clerks had been made into a cartoon. For ABC, of all channels. I love Kevin Smith (in fact I think a Kevin Smith marathon is order for tomorrow night), but I just think his humor, however brilliant, is too weird and abstract for network TV.

7. I'm fine.

8. A more in-depth report tomorrow.

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