in a haze knot

march 13. 2000

me, i just fuck with all of your minds...School has kind of been biting me in the butt lately. I'm really stressed out about registration for fall classes on Wednesday, mostly because I've never done it before. They register you automatically your freshman year, so yeah, this is pretty much the first time in my life I can pick exactly the classes I want. I traipsed up to the second floor of Tyler Hall today and tried to make heads or tails of the class listings in vain. My stress level is increased even more because I failed a class last semester, so that has the potential to push me back two days in telephone registration. Just peachy. I don't know yet, but I'll find out soon enough.

I still can't seem to get paid for last semester. I tried in vain today to once again locate my supervisor, but the guy must be training to be fucking Houdini or something because it's near to impossible to locate him at any given time of day. Today it was a little sign on the door, "Out due to illness." Arrgh.

I did get my first 2d project back today. I got an A. I was pleased, though not surprised. I should be getting my Art History midterm back on Wednesday. I just finished my IH midterm a few minutes ago (nothing like the last minute, especially after a week of spring break, too). I'm trying to hammer the concept for my next 3d project. I guess things are going pretty well in the academic area.

I have a microwave in my room now, and I am as happy as a clam, even though it's technically against the rules here in the dorms, etc etc. Oh well. It made my room feel like a home. Nothing like the soft white noise whirr of a microwave in the background to make the place feel all warm and cozy. My mom got me this excellent green tea by Celestial Seasonings that I've been OD'ing on lately. I also have been inhaling cranberry juice. That and tomato soup. I don't know why, don't ask. I seem destined to have a liquid diet here.

I couldn't get the window open yesterday. I tugged, I pulled, I shimmied up between the window and Amy's bunk bed in a vain attempt to get enough leverage to open the damn thing. Nearly ripped my arms out of their sockets. No luck. The room got stuffier and stinkier. Finally, this morning, I suck up my pride, I go next door and ask Pam for help (thinking maybe I've lost my touch or something), and she comes over. "Did you unlock the window?"

Me: (pause) "It has locks?"

Welcome to my ridiculously stupid life.