march 24. 2000

me in Centralia (taken by Paul)

Me in Centralia, taken by Paul

Today was one of those beautiful, extraordinary days that makes life worth living.

It had been cold and sort of damp the past few days, so that's what I was expecting today when I stepped outside. The door of the dorm lobby had been propped open and the warm air full of possibilities filtered through it. The sun was out in full force, a light breeze blew, and the air was so crisp and fresh and dense that if you took a bite of it, it would taste like a thousand different citrus fruits.

I left in the middle of 3d design class this morning to go get some essential supplies at Michael's, this huge craft store up on Route 309, a little bit north of Tyler. A highway drive with all the windows down, "Hounds of Love" by Kate Bush blaring on the stereo on an incredible day like this is just what I needed. Perfect bliss. Perfect nirvana. My heaven will an endless highway, a gas tank that never needs filling, and a infinite number of days like this one.